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A NIGHTMARE IN CANDY WORLD! | Minecraft Adventures

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The Krew must save the King Candy from demise!

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A Nightmare in Candy World by Everbloom Studios

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Hello everyone we just got a golden ticket to candy world but I have.

Something to say it's a nightmare in candy world not a regular candy world.

This chocolate is not in the hands that you drowned in warm chocolaty goodness well was it worth it guys was it was we.

Will be trying out a new Minecraft marketplace map I'm excited are you guys ready to start this map I'm excited yes the money you mean this nightmare yeah it's a night oh wait grab some chocolate guys sit back relax because this is going to be a nightmare I'm shook it's gonna be your or it could be a sweet dream.

Rainbow it should be a nightmare because you got cake on your hat so you should be scared I mean cake on your handle I'll be shopping cake sugar one hears tales of candy world they think of happiness and sugary delights I do candy canes and gumdrops it's a magical land where dreams come true this tale is not a dream oh is it real no my friends this is the tale of a nightmare my Tandy world we already know that it. Opened on most days Candy Kingdom was a bustling city full of joy and laughter for its citizens made the finest streets in all the land however this was not most days the kingdom was besieged by a dark army under the command of the evil Lord Sugar bones I like it suitable it's all sugar bones crushed all resistance as he stormed candy castle it is here my friends that a brave hero was born I think that's a guy rave candy was all that stood between the forces of evil and the destruction of alright here we come yeah the candy.

Night hey you guys get rid of those guy. Agents already fighting time no no die from my Smarties is this rockets I think this is right back to being America I. Know you guys have something called oh no no no no this is not God Nobles gonna die oh I am ready protect me no we gotta do better okay guys how about we just group up like gold look at gold Wow a true knight look at her candy warrior is that all we win up I think we have to go save the king King my hero whoa well as the king look angry my cake King has a giant lollipop but I wanna actually get rid of this guy up here my candy knights let's get rid of these guys oh oh up here but Jack is king I'm gonna fight you gingerbread Harleys yeah their gingerbread men oh they're ginger bad men you guys getting hungry in your armor well we can't eat these uh-oh sorry funny party died three times the gate opened what is how my dick on your face was worth by King Oh your. Punishment still stands Lord you are.

Lord of nothing die exiled you into the beyond years ago you did battle wouldn't.

Dare candy world as your home was my home I do not wish to destroy it but I will if you defy me you guys try getting here I was about 1 I'm gonna do it no for the likes of you what you do not have to my dear team you've already lost all I asked for kill him what every citizen is old Jack can you be quiet there's an epic dialogue no.

No wait he just did all this to get a.

Cup of sugar okay my my lord Oh where's.

That voice from you guys act cool act cool yes this is us we have ice cream.

Didn't you save me from this monster demanding I don't yes I'm sugar because.

Losers guys losers were plebs. Oh yeah we don't talk just fight that's.

All right I'll talk to how so nights.

We've got kick down here they're still talking up there we still go to save our King all he wanted was a cup of sugar I mean you can just go to the grocery store yeah you don't want people Jim how it comes Lester girl fighting cups of sugar are reserved for citizens well he can become a citizen is anyone here screaming yeah sounds like a baby huh I think gumdrops I don't. Know we just gotta go a little closer in here there's helpful leaders fear me got me flippers okay let's put on these gummy flippers we'll trade them out with Matt gummy shoes there we go I'm a little more sparkly now Oh back.

Old block okay let's trigger this we're ready what. Oh whoa she just spawned egalité them yeah a little losing her magic open the gates Oh we're just gonna get a lot of these bad guys here right bad gasps let me get rid of you she also kind of does look like Navi from Zelda I really like it yeah let me eat this Oreo cookie Drago watch that gate you guys watch this gate and I stand here and look into the distance okay I'm gonna get the guys down here do we have to get that look epicly into the distance add fig jam let's get rid of this guy I do have an ice Club are these like jumbo cubes are.

Expanding yeah yeah oh it's a giant jell-o cube no giant yellow cube this is so epic the music is epic and I'm am Elsa dine me all night run run run what who get eat some cookies dude I'm trying to eat as fast as I can but there's too many so we just leave them down there not kill them teleport I don't think we.

Need to kill them yeah come on open your party nobody where's.

She going look at all these villagers we follow her yeah let's follow her Oh someone was a.

Pyromaniac yep mm-hmm this beautiful kingdom was ruined look at all the villages they're so sad they. Look too heavy to lift rainbow please do.

The honors of stepping all right yeah yeah we get it we get it rise rise die you guys are so annoying. Just leave the lights on the Gold's funny I found some better equipment here Oh what is that it's a knife well thank you and a sawfish chest plate as you can I thank you for the generator favors did you see these they're like peppermint blue men oh my god it's so cool I love the way this looks a peppermint man I want to be friends with them they're peeping that's a crime mmm-hmm a rake peppermint man you're gonna die here the villager is running they are terrified of you run little village of run it's not worth anything in here nope only cobwebs I'm just gonna take a moment and look at this guy he doesn't I know they do smell delicious.

But we gotta get rid of them there is so many of these guys Kate ginger bad men go and you the creepy looking peppermint bog I can even shoot me okay anyway he can't shoot me let's get rid of him and I'm dead come on guys it's done it's done Oh pepper it man it's mine just gotta get rid of you that's all she did oh.

There's too many batters what do we need. A fight so many people you know a sham a baby shopping helping the girl we gotta save our king a king is in trouble because he didn't want to offer that guy shot basic old sugar oh I found a star. In this chest star from beyond can you find all 24 nope well I think we're a little too late in so we're probably not gonna beat that quest but we got to get rid of all of them I'm on fire I think you're gonna die look at him he's like oh I found another thing in this chest so I found a bunch of marshmallows and a flavored lollipop mace cool I love all the sugar Easter. Eggs more sugar and we also have the toughest gummy best all my armor broke guys is it not good I know a shortcut to the main gate you lie to us little fairy you keep saying it's a shortcut and we keep fighting all of these people is this a shortcut Oh guys come on hurry up crew last stop going through the market come on she's leading us to the gate at least all of you guys still have your armor look I'm cold sometimes you need it a chocolate helmet thank you very much now um twice delicious I found a lollipop me oh me too we could be lollipop buddies let's go okay what is it little fairy are you leaving us oh.

Man sugar bones if you harm even a single citizen of Candy Kingdom you're regretting to save her my revenge for.

What looking out for the safety of the kingdom protecting actually more but.

Whatever you'll never get away I just.

Got that you'll never get away with this sugar bones the fairies in my kingdom are the most powerful in a thousand worlds and any one of my Knights is stronger than all of your armies put together yeah we have five well but this.

Fool enough chatting with the locals I think at this time we continued the candy mountain yeah come get us.

Dude I want teleportation skills Juli this hi banshee.

You're strong oh what's this big fighting stuff get rid of them you know how many of my strongest thing on your own are not mace you die from my lollipop mace oh I don't like these spiders me neither you cake spiders rainbow I think one of their butts is your hat look at that instead of like beating them you can eat them I don't think you want to eat them they might be a little bit poisonous yeah a banshee can you die like it how she keeps running and waving her arms in the air she cornered can't take that banshee yay.

Strong soldiers but sugar bones still f king candy and he's getting away mhm we have to hurry to candy mountain.

We've flown a day no longer under siege our heroes began a long and perilous journey toward candy mountain yes welcome candy from the clutches of this sinister Lord Sugar Bowl uncertain of their future our brave heroes arrived at sugar bear forest little did they know that this once peaceful oh no he took little bears and they're.

Bouncing on their butts don't you know watch out there's a little bouncing but bear anyone who turns gummy bears evil.

Is pure yeah the most enjoyable snack and now they're bouncing ow with you.

Drago there's a lot of gummy bears surrounding your house I kept them out chasing me.

Oh my gosh I've never seen so many felting bears before please leave me okay I'm running I'm running I'm gonna who's looking behind me I'm leading a whole tribe of little gummy bears oh this one's fast you know what smack edy there this one's dead and we gotta get rid of this coming bear cream gummy bears are my favourite but I don't have to destroy them in here never try to blue gummy bear before get away blue coming get away three greens betraying me I'm sad I need to eat some Easter eggs you guys leave a comment down below what is your favorite gummy bear flavor apparently all gummy bear flavors taste the same and it's just in our mind but mine is green so Oh weapon bro we did it funny I bring you a special gift that I have the gift you found a bow yeah it doesn't need arrows though so it's kind of useless right now go go go it's open let's go guys.

There's a lot come over there guys it's over here entrance oh yeah the gummi bears chasing you guys run run okay get that's right I was bowling Ariel who's touching us anyone behind us no we're safe oh there's a creepy green one a green one come a little Koestler oops I mean Cola yeah a little closer and he is dead are we good we safe guys thanks I just. Eat up because I have a feeling that we're gonna battle King candy and he's gonna be a very hard to kill it's one of those gingerbread houses you don't think this is some sort of Hansel and Gretel situation right this seems like a trap I'm not gonna lie right guys guys guys.

The strongest candy nights first go down. Rainbows hat rainbow oh how dare you give it to me you know don't do to run rundown thing I have a cookie suit what. Is this it's a half-empty house their basements pretty I would say yeah the bar let's just go upstairs in Ihnen hello huh it's too.

Quiet in this house this is suspicious yeah well there is some more candy in here what is this a stale cake chestplate we're gonna wear that and then we also have some cookie boots and a tough gummy hammer I look so cool right now a lunar I have your matching set look it's me okay question should be rainbows played rainbow that cake hat looks better than your other cake hat no I'm kidding I know and I have a full cookie amazing so I got stick I don't think anyone wants a fruit stick oh yeah I got a hot chocolate whip we have the mouth so have a conscience I got a wise sugar bear you guys stop stalling candy king is in trouble and we're just like look tasty Alec yeah you can have tasty I am is this where we're going we found this book in the chest it's time for story time guys the cabin sits at the foot of the sugar bear hill supposedly on the path to the north is an artifact from the battle that took place here a long time ago when darkness came I might go for a walk and see if I can find it I'd love to bring back a souvenir from my vacation here whose room was this princess I guess we gotta.

Find that hill but since this is closed off and we can't break anything you're just gonna keep going around we're trapped in this house because those gummy bears won and gold get in get it don't stand out there they're gonna kill me get in there we go what you gonna.

Kill everything if you guys don't know.

What time I start the map because it broke but these are all they are exploding chocolate money oh no no no no you start all over again yeah it was very sad but we had to go and create a moat and go down and fix some stuff around there but now you're all good and line continues yay no chocolate bunny you look so evil okay so she's gonna sneak out open the front gate we still need to hold up with all these gummy bears she got it open let's go yes no mr. gummy bear run run run crew come on let's go let's go running let's run out of here we have no armor I just have some marshmallows keep runnin looter run run run.

Music makes me so stressed alright now. Where to I think one of them bit off my.

Arm yep yeah they have no armor left for you thank you for this armor I will put it on and appreciate it who are we in some sort of chocolate mines of course he did like always no.

Time for jokes very rainbow you failed the jump Oh rainbow melted in hot chocolate gold let's keep going oh there's gum and oh really now I turned in for hot well I just died in the hot chocolate that was totally uncalled for now I'm gonna try jumping once again let's go let's go let's just run across the bridge that gate opened.

This is a gate we get down oh okay. Oh yeah wait no no let's go through this.

Gate personally try to get candy to let.

Rolls back into the but if you wanna cross the bridge I need you to remove.

The Beast from Street to tome and you may cross the bridge out of sugar bear forest I don't think we have much of a choice we'll deal with your sugar bear infestation I'm feeling up there's mama.

Bears in there does anyone want to see her oh I'm sure she's nice I mean she's made out of sugar you guys she scared the troll out of his own house where she's ginormous that's cool.

So it's kind of like a futuristic thing you just clap yeah go for the lights go on let's take the left way we'll just keep following our little fairy friends mean bow you might want to step a little farther back. They are made of gummy candy but here I am I don't think that's blood it's possibly just jello it's just jello targa I mean blood what is that okay we.

Got to fight it off to get the Bears oh that a double pick under the rug.

Yeah under the rug is way too basic I was a candy troll I hide it in a candy corn ad uh yeah no blue gummy bears.

Don't betray me get away let's go.

She lied died where are we going I mean forest yeah well candy cane cave technically not forest come on theory find it faster isn't in this chest nothing in the chest these gummy bears are so ferocious after this I'm not gonna be eating gummy bears until a very very long time very very large what happens if she's.

Evil and she's just working for candy king you're right plot twist I know because there's no way she would drag us through all of this stuff I feel like she's evil black twist barely betrayed us why does it roll I'm soul winning.

Keys uh great now she has to figure out how to unlock the door with 40 keys she's standing here and saying nope like seven times go let's be careful John is always good yeah nope nope nope nope nope you shall.

Not pass gummi bears.

Wow no not today.

I think she's trolling us guys yeah she's trolling us what is that you wanna.

Hug you she's friendly oh no oh my god you're gonna eat you alright mama bear oh so mama bear is very powerful drago. And golden is not a good time to loot we gotta get rid of mama bear she's strong oh okay you want mistake from afar and try shooting here nope ran out of arrows what's in here there's arrows in that chest ooh tons of arrows let's grab this and we got some potions my inventory is stuff so we don't have enough room for that we're gonna leave that for the crew alright mama bear have some candy arrows we've died 42 times in this game Oh noise 43 44 when will it stop no one.

Knows can we get rid of these gummy bears gummy bear alright I think they just keep coming we have to kill the mama bear stop stop movin out gummy bear. Babe yeah we should Howard died so many times before this might be a new record Mama Bear mama bear is a lot harder than growling oh that is angry we've no mother bear she keeps pooping these little guys out please yes you could told us that before.

Do you think I'm in my dress I don't. Know guys I'm pretty sure she's fine hello thank you.

You may cross me to spring safe travels to candy mountain don't forget to ask the King about sweet tooth to the other trolls Chapter three chocolate canyon.

Chaos how many chapters is this game half sugar bear forest and the removal of the mama bear from sweet tooth's home our heroes continued on their quest to candy mountain to save the king as they approached the deep and formidable Chocolate Canyon they discussed the victorious adventure thus far we are so amazing actions would come back to haunt them we did nothing bad are you sure I.

Think we did well maybe you should have.

Ate that chocolate because I don't know where you and I did steal cups of sugar I actually have a lot of sugar it's a long way down.

Very funny Oh giant piece of chocolate cases ice cream too bad we can't eat it.

Come on of course we have to protect her.

Again half look not as tasty as the real.

Economy ones not gonna lie here but banshees sisters pretty mad at us and she is mad at us for killing banshee uh-huh let's just get rid of all these gummy warms you guys got the Junior.

Contrary okay let's just get rid of all these guys die wait who's the one that killed her sister anyway it wasn't me I wasn't the last time it was only you I thought you you who final dagger but favorite hood it's reasonable because she was trying to kill us yeah it's so barren I don't know if I should watch it so trigger you know.

What what if we Leonard be what's.

Happening Chuck Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory we're flying my dream it's come true she's just flying us back to the top all entropolis now thank you thank you I don't want to fight those things anyway.

Chocolate cave well we could take the fastest way possible gravy don't believe a fairy and a candy. Dad are in my cave their little fairy the names old man's nicotine it's what.

My mama named me yes I know I look like a young fellah donut yep oh sure thing.

Darling let me go find my ladder put her around here somewhere I'll be right back.

Of course it did monsters because more.

Fighting you guys hurry let's go.

Bloggers down I don't even know where I went here's the ladder guys let's go up old man thinkety thank you so much for your help hello sorry about that I don't know how my ladder ended up under my foosball table oh yes I know the way follow me I.

Sure hope you know the way Oh.

Rude yes well she sadly threw chocolate Canyon strangers sugar bones he's back.

Oh yes I remember sugar bones back before he was even called sugar bones back then he was sugarr bone Emerson.

Imagine what I'm saying in your heads as I described sugar bones was once like us.

A young boy in candy kingdom who wanted to make candy like everyone else okay to make a new kind of candy an experimental candy and unfortunately.

Sugary skeleton we know him as he was horrified he was ashamed to be seen oh no it's so sad that was nothing so he wasn't evil others we saw him no one trusted him to make candy again it was never given the materials from the cane so he went to the townsfolk spero Peppa's sugar he would ask whatever including myself or shut the. Door in his face parents made their children look away on the street he was an outcast a beast after about a year of.

This sugar bones begged the King to just let him try to make candy like everyone else one more time but the King couldn't see anything past that sugary skeleton sugar bones denounced king candy for his intolerance but when the King got word of this he banished sugar bones to the beyond those who were banished there.

Wander the flat so the king is pretty uh yeah the Kings the rude why not sugar bones for those who wouldn't see him for who he was it grew in festered in his heart and threw out the monsters corrupting his heart those are the two sisters well one of them are gone now cough cough yeah it's his son no I'm.

Kidding it's time to blow up all the.

Stuff hurry look out here oh yeah yeah.

We got okay we know we don't Lavie oh this is my nightmare the looks.

Oh this is gonna be top across come on.

Ferry can't you make us fly like last time she ran out of power you know I'm at five this might be a little evil it's cheating fairy Banshee.

Lady listen if you really want to get revenge for your sister maybe you should make this a little easier yeah I agree thanks for the help you're gonna help us.

Oh yes and you later Jack Jack Tonka thank you I bet you with the check it was that easy yeah you old man Smitty yeah he's the best there's no way I could beat that park or.

Thank you he's called us weirdos over.

There I'm a feeling that the Banshee is waiting for us at the mining outpost up there the two of you cannot take a hint.

I tell you to go away I actually don't.

Want to save him anymore Herman he doesn't deserve saving.

He's King candy he protects us all oh please protects you from what both of us.

Sugar bones and when she saw a little bit faster Matic crazy-good every year.

No we need to fight it again we did it won't worry I just wanted to tell sugar bones yeah don't you were thinking I don't know if the Kings evil yet I mean at this point the king looks pretty bad alright it's gonna be the sister again the really triggered sister sister your sister tried to kill us okay dark path.

Down a mountain road yes yes I'm not.

Even sure if I could continue this map activist she screamed into my ears chapter 4 for a close having survived the depths of the Chocolate Canyon and the vengeful banshee within our heroes found themselves growing ever closer to candy mountain where Lord Sugar bones awaited with the distraught King candy Lord sugar bones had lost his two strongest warriors the banshee yay but.

World within him sugar rush in the candy Knights steeled themselves for a battle they would never forget this is that I think this is the finale guys you know this story ended faster if we just gave him the cup of sugar because we have it he liked giving me cup of sugar like here.

This house really nice evil castle oh my oh here's a merrier oh my god you just.

Find us what I'll give you a cup of.

Sugar I have it run you guys just run right yeah I know you have sugar for him right away here you go take down these things Wow where was this speed magic when we needed it drunk it's not a good time to complain either okay yeah I just like a fluctuation let's go look fun little. Fairies news miscues. Running guys no one get left behind oh there's a lot of them this map is horrifying don't die funny I know I won't I'm eating my goddamn gummy.

Bears no no gummy bears just funny you have no armor but actually oh that's why I'm so weak okay let me put on some swag right now it's open woo is this some good you.

Got some good armor here wait I can swap out with someone this being candy veneer.

Come out come out wherever you are there he is ready Danny I think he looks.

Kind of you you can find it let's go I.

Would be willing to consider it if your dear King which is me yeah yeah here it is sugar rush oh are.

You yeah how do you know.

Cast thinking candy is really bad now.

Walking closer oh no epic anime story here it is hey man I always was I was a monster oh one.

Last so dramatic Lord sugar bones I have a little sugar just taking that's it.

Well deserved it why just give him sugar.

He's gonna pop out there he is oh my god.

Great he's a flying bug you know hi nice um how do we kill it all because King Tandy didn't want to give one simple cut why I couldn't do get more why don't sugar our cup of sugar we literally had so many because it doesn't want yours he wants King candy to take yeah clearly King candy you are so stubborn but I guess again you are a king and Oh crazy there is nice get him go get him he's on the floor anything else just keep smacking him we're gonna get rid of the skeleton guy what oh really you're gonna use your magic sorcery dude I don't even have bows to get you mr. North sugar bones come down now he's just strolling around the map this is fun okay that's it you've crossed the line we're just gonna push all of your minions into the lava look at this I can make my life way easier by using my sword to push these guys in he just goes back up.

That's it arrow time I have one arrow and not our party has died 273 times 2 gee guys no one saw that message you guys I glitched him yes you're a glitch.

Go back back to the center I never knew how powerful he was you know why he didn't lie when he said he was super strong because it's taken forever to kill you live it in battle for a whole 15 minutes now you need to die so he can end the storyline yes.

Magic fading hi stronger multi-state.

Again no no no no no no no what is that.

Oh my gosh laughing though is this a.

Story line in the mosque I want to join no you have to fight we have to fight how do we fight well I have no arrows arrows and he's not giving me areas.

Well I wanted to but they won't let me.

Never boss fight this is the last boss fellow can we flip my back I don't know how to hit him I have no both yeah you got all my air balls Oh team the best Wow no those are very fast fireballs yes really oh honey get out of here is that all we.

Did it yes you better get a good reward for this hey mr. K will you let the.

Trolls in can I have your staff when.

He's sugarr me why thank you that's a. Normal one Thank You night you're on. Lifesaver seeing what has just transpired hers has made me look at things in a different light oh now it took us an hour for you to look at it differently can you ask him Chris crown and eye candy trolls crazy old men I can pick it up they all deserve it well more than a cup of sugar I have some for you damn it too heavy.

Destroyed because I couldn't look past my my differences right I can never undo.

What I did to you what's what the change of heart sugar bones would you like a cup of sugar ah where am I going.

Hello no the dream is not die here now.

Striving to collect his misdeeds officially welcomed anyone to his kingdom no matter their looks size or their appetite nice fall could be candy makers if they wished a small arrow would go on to be a member of King Candy's royal court along with sugar rush sweet tooth old man's nicotine and sugar bones himself tasked with ensuring all within the kingdom lived ya know but when it does there are.

Heroes who will stand against the nightmare until the bitter end no matter who they are to be continued thanks for playing Wow that map was. Amazing and if you guys did enjoy this long epic epic epic adventure make sure. To smash the like button down below don't forget to subscribe to join the group and if you would love to try out this map for yourself link is always in the description thank you so much for watching and we will see you guys on the next one bye guys alright truth be told I am never gonna eat candy again I feel sick right now wait your screws on here no no this is a top leaderboard yeah

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