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Как пройти майнкрафт без крафта?

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Все видео пользователя: _Skrepka.

В этом видео, я попытаюсь проверить, возможно ли пройти майнкрафт без крафта? И если да, то насколько это сложно?

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Hello my dear friends, with you "Skrepka" and in this the last day of the passing year I decided to check is it possible to complete minecraft without crafting ?! That's it, without any craft! Okay, let's roll! So, in order to complete the game, we have to kill the dragon, but the question is how to do it if we even, elementary to make a wooden pick yourself can not? I created the world of minecraft and began to think. Ok we can't do anything to craft, but still can find some things in danjah or for example in Forges in the villages. Similarly, the village! In them, you can buy many items, such as armor, weapons, tools. Hmm, sounds promising. And so now for us first priority is finding a village. Well, I ran!.

And as it later turned out turned out to be making huge I found the first one on the map the village. Here we stop. Come on, what do we have there in the forge: oh perfect - pickax .. Let's dig up with it some coal and try to bargain with the residents. Taak, diamond pickaxe, not bad. You can, in principle, and buy. Then I went to a small travel: found new a village with a resident is profitable buying coal, oblutal a couple of pyramids and rummaged in the mine, in general, then nothing unusual. Returning home, I again bargained with residents and bought myself cool pickaxe. Then he traveled a little more. pulling all that only can. Then I found a new fast horse. and ran on. After, I returned home extracted obsidian for the portal go to hell and go to distant far traveling in search of new villages..

So, a village with a smithy on the iron chestplate! Check it out, I have already almost complete set armor! BUT! You might be interested, what it is? Just apparently someone from residents considered what to build the village right on the lake Lava would be a good idea. But we are even at hand. Fill the lava with water and build portal to hell. Only here, how to activate it without a lighter? I broke my head over it but finally figured out: you need just put a few combustible blocks next to lava, close to the portal and hope for good luck. Tadam! Now we go on coordinates our first village and build a portal. We set fire. And now I can move between villages approximately in 1-2 minutes. It certainly pleases. But let's not stop, we need to find some more villages. I returned to the 2nd village, sat on the horse and drove. After about 5-6 villages and a half hours I decided to stop and built a portal in one from the villages. Activated it and dug road to our 2nd village. By the time I have already there was a diamond sword, a bow and good armor. I decided it was time for us go kill the dragon! But not everything is as simple as it could seem. As you probably know, in order to get into ender world we need to find and activate portal in the fortress but the problem is that for all this we need ender eyes as well on condition of a challenge, as you remember i can't craft nothing. In fact, when I only started to survive this world i thought that ender eyes are found in chests Fortress with the portal, but as it turned out, I was wrong going to wikipedia i'm nothing.

I did not find about this. Is empty This is what happens? So, without crafting we can't get ender eyes and therefore to mine? I started thinking. In my head there were a lot of options right up to the point that would use the commands to add opportunity to pull out ender eyes from the portal and so pick up eye of several fortresses to activate one. But it would not be vanilla passage and the question - will mine mine pass without crafting, it would be possible unequivocally say - NO! Will not work! But fortunately, I happen to looked in change log ender eyes and saw there the very treasured line: “Version 1.9 - Ender eyes are no longer sold by the inhabitants. ” Here it is! So sometime before they sold, right? Yes, that's right, and the previous one line with update 1.8 says that: “Now residents can sell Ender's eyes for 7-11 emeralds. ” But unfortunately now this opportunity for some reason removed. It’s good that when 3 back.

Taak, see what you can to offer me Ha! Dumb resident! Do you really think that I'll buy this crap from you for 10 emeralds ?! Come on. climb the egg will you stand on my iron farm..

Hmm why I did not use then is it on the farm? Okay it does not matter. The main thing is that we have resident selling ender.

Eyes. Iii, do not rush to blame read me video to the end, there I will explain why i did exactly So. OK, let's start buy 2 ender eyes and find with their help fortress. Yes, you understood me correctly I'm going to find ender stronghold with just 2 eyes, and if we are lucky, then with a chance of 64% we do not spend not a single eye. You probably already interested find out what i'm up to. And no cheating! Minecraft mechanics only and small geometric cunning. Okay, let's get started. We get up to the point of the first throw and write it down coordinates. Throw an eye and maximize exactly trying to aim in his center. Now remember the coordinate look. This will be the angle at which flew an eye regarding server. While probably nothing understandably moving with using portals for a few thousand blocks to our 3rd village and get up to the point of the 2nd throw, without forgetting to write down the coordinates..

We throw! the eye flew at an angle 2.7 degrees relative east. write and this. Iii, in general, all these data we will be quite enough to be accurate in 5-10 blocks to determine coordinates of the fortress left only calculate them. And first, in the test world I tried to do it on little piece of paper but i have either nothing worked out either the error was in around 150-200 blocks. but I I understood in time what was behind us can be made to count computer: so, open drawing program and begin. Here we have a point of zero coordinates. Now we put an end to the first throw and prescribe it coordinates. Draw coming out of it beam and set angle under which he goes from the point. We have a trajectory on which the ender eye flew would be if he flew endlessly. Now we put the second point and write its coordinates, draw the beam and angle. I think you already understand what am I leading to. We have 2 beams which will fly ender eye, and in the point of their intersection and Ender is a fortress! So, we put an end and the program does all the work for us giving us ready coordinates fortress. And let's make it clearer I will put this drawing on card. Now everything is visible here: here's the point of the first throw near the village, here is the second throw, also near the village, and here is the point of their intersection right next to a little island in the ocean. But while recording video, I certainly did not know it, because did not use the card otherwise it would be completely not fair. And because of this, I decided to try get around as it seemed to me then small bay. In the end, I spent on it more than 20 minutes, then I realized that it was a bad idea and came back. Reaching the island by swimming..

So now i am exactly on calculated coordinates and let's make sure that everything is correct, we throw 1 more eye ender. Tadam! He landed literally 5 blocks from us! And after that do not dare say that geometry It is a useless item. This is, by the way, just there was a parallax method with using it, astronomers determine distance to the stars! But for this segment usually takes the distance between different points in orbit the earth around the sun. Subscribe to my account channel so to speak. I, meanwhile, have already found portal in the fortress, and of course, as usual for me lucky and in the portal initially appeared whole 0 ender eyes. Okay, not so scary. I will accumulate 100 emeralds and come back here. I build a portal for quick move and start to farm..

I actually thought be harder but 100 emeralds I still nafarmil and bought 10 more eyes. Well, it's time to kill the dragon!.

Insert the last eye ender I. rushed..

Well, jump into the portal? Fuh. Well, we did it! And what is the result? Unfortunately, in the last Minecraft versions are not enough flexible and pass it without crafting just is impossible. And all because of ender eyes. What can not be said about minecraft version 1.8 Here in it, thanks to the purchase a resident's eye, pass minecraft without crafting is not so difficult task. I have so by the way It took a little less than 11 hours. And many moments due to the timing had to cut, but I think you are not too offended. Well, in conclusion, I want congratulate you on coming or already come New Year. I think you've heard enough wishes from other bloggers, so I will be brief: do everything possible to next year to be even happier than in this, and of course subscribe to Pyudipaya WHAT ARE YOU FOR T-Series WHAT ARE YOU? Well, in principle, you can also subscribe to me Okay, in general, all happy New Year, all the luck and all bye!

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