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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a hide-and-seek map or we are gonna be running from no that's I mean no Bend.

Okay what was the guy who smells like.

Doodoo frame you know what I will pardon.

Bionic okay okay I mean okay look this is your worst nightmare guys right here oh my granny normally looks terrifying.

And this granny does not like this granny looks so pleasant like she's gonna bake so many cookies that's what she looks like she looks like instead of holding like a bat to hit you it looks like she's holding like a rolling pin like I'm about to roll those cookies wait what she looks so scary to me huh you guys think I don't know what you're looking at Bionic but because of that monic you can be the secret for a girl that did it dude oh I have a God's plan I have a God's boy you'll never find us Bionic you're bad see see.

I'm so glad you liked this map and think it's cool as well not the only one oh wait I feel like we haven't we done this bad before oh yeah we have granny will never find.

Me I let me hear you guys if I seen granny hey jaysene granny I haven't seen granny thanks oh you will in a second buddy you will Oh guys we're doing pretty good I think we don't even have you know like well kids man dude listen that's the first round don't even.

Wait no dude really like right down from your granny Jerome whoa I just heard that oh no just me there's 200 seconds dude I.

Know exactly a person is that's the thing if you find one please be gentle dude person definitely does not smell that good just alright here we where wait 3d.

Way what I was gonna say I was so.

Confused dude oh he's up who's that oh dang it's me he's in the bathroom dude this guy cannot be that far I checked the bathroom and it does not smell like dude I'm so Kristin's definitely not in there I hear footsteps my to be he's gotta be in the basement guys dude sir a basement I checked maybe I think pressure might be moving around though I will say this I moved once okay maybe you guys know.

That button spot where you press the button it opens up the secret chamber I'm lying I left I was there I heard something I had to leave dude I was like bruh I maybe I'm getting out of Dodge no way wait I think I might have found like the ultimate god spot accidentally well I've searched every single corner of this entire map parently you have it bionic because if you did you would have found me dude are we gonna start this off with a win man you guys are smell oh there's no way come on man you guys are smelling this fan come on dude you guys ran past me so.

Many times I knew the only person that would find me would be Sam because I hate him but I almost won almost almost don't count buddy yeah what's don't better than being somebody who bad what do it Sam I.

Dare you Sam I dare you no I'm actually if Jerome does not see me there's there's no way that's a banger yeah I'm risking it I like this room by the way just stare at this dead Bush guy just say you're very fancy okay guys it's gonna win it's giving a lid are you is that you saw family been. Found I can't sometimes I'm in plain sight to.

Rome is the way to go you know I gotta be honest dude next time we do hide-and-seek I'm changing my minecraft skin because like having a red orange skin is just not smart dude seriously old friend the stage I am so we should make a Minecraft map that is basically like you can press a button and it puts the like give you the resource back change to the armor so you look like that so you can choose which ones you want to be oh my god bionic you're trash oh my god Beinecke I like to pick on you a lot but it's a it's got this squeak in the background drum is that you know no.

What is that is that your mouth like.

Crisco oil on that bad boy 7 oh my god actually wait am I the last person again wait what yeah I think you are are you okay far out put the button still Jerome.

You gotta be nice here space party - can't just be ripping it out stuff I'm everywhere but no way at the same time we can you get in this painting okay Ken okay it's almost halfway done boys always that way done fire yeah maybe maybe not maybe I did in the basement and that I laughter but everybody would just be Sam I don't even want to talk to you because the owner Sam would you have checked behind that armor stand if I had not had the pixel sticking yeah yeah I would have but I I saw you from like a mile away oh wow okay Sam I'm gonna mad game you're like the doll I thought like a mile away rap dude no person is trembling right now I'm trembling you guys are nowhere to be found bro we're definitely near oh yeah 20 percent Preston how do you move at all whoa whoa whoa I mean of course I have oh one more minute oh and you're a bro it's going to be the victor see the thing about this map is it to be so careful because if you try to move spots especially when three of you guys are seeking like you really can't run away I feel like there's your spots I don't know right this is why okay this is why my opinion this is my favorite hindsight map we've ever made because it's like it's really small and compact but at the same time the spots I don't know like you can do so much you could be accessing spot I'm gonna use next round oh my god dude I just found a secret place what yeah I find such a cool place different.

Hide-and-seek episode okay you know what I will be the seeker cuz I feel kind of actually wait saying you're the first person found never my medical I have such good Sam help me grab map so it's just like uh you know yes hacks just like earth man big aloof all this fun yeah I I don't think you're gonna find this dead Bush is really nice. To look at so dark no it is and it makes. It even cooler this is scary oh my god I was so loud right hang on you'll drown I'm so winning this there.

It's gonna be a whole lot of not there Z yes not there not there doc they're not there yeah every two seconds in mind away all dude I just saw where you were.

No no no it's Sam wait you saw it you saw granny yeah so a. Big one maybe I didn't maybe I mean guys look all I'm saying is if you're about to be dad you sir firework help out the hiders guys wait I don't have a fire you get you don't get it just yet at the beginning because if he could use it but she's scary that was.

So terrified do not just chilling man I'm vibing out hey everybody world wait what not a not a worry in the world there yeah I said not a worse Oh No why do you say peace what do you say peace I love hi I'm sorry there's so. Much quietness oh okay there's got it stop should not that was pretty good though that was pretty good I always take that being the last person left my bad I was juked you know no way 120% so sick of being the last person man you should shake of being you best yeah okay.

Joe Sam you wit bet okay Sam you don't even understand I got to show you something real fast okay you know how you're like nobody goes here right I was hiding right here the entire time behind this bookshelf I circled around you I would like the new way is so good all right I shall become the seeker and I shall find the plebs Oh God ladies and gentlemen granny comes and hides and waits for nobody thank you I just let you guys know that I'm going to find you and there's nothing you can do about it so you might as let us go ahead and reveal your spot don't you see you think that but I already broke up Oh drum yes I'm not gonna say you're cheating but I know you're cheating.

How dare you that I would do that damn did you place blocks down did you cheat same same did you cheat you know you did it okay I will let you go then Sam I heard somebody placing blocks down wait is this you yeah I broke this door you're good you're good what you were placing books no I did it I broke blocks because somebody was placing blocks what I'm letting you go scot-free Sam okay Sam I swear drums cheating I swear I'm not cheating I can't cheat this time god I know that out of it I don't believe him not even for a hot second man no I was thinking of them oh dear ding drum you always say you think about cheating but I know you're cheating Oh.

Wait did that Hodor Oh do that help all of us cuz into the fire we I does it it it just saves the time off for everybody oh oh I used mine so there you go use.

Yours to go okay you gonna check that you take a number seven now check in here okay nice Bianchini he's a beauty player man break that get excited about that team life dude it's not about the team life I'm winning I go for jobs or jobs not scrubs what I just found somebody in a secret spot drum stop whispering to me poop poop poop same thing difference dude oh stop for sure I was gonna fight somebody there Sam come on dude you're supposed to be really good I to see bionics actually doing well this time don't eat him have you.

Checked the basement oh no I haven't check the basement Sam where's the base thing how do you get there look up look up Mookie yeah yes that's not very reassuring Sam I knew how to get there so he's dead oh yes that I know Sam why do you keep following me every time I go is some way to just keep following me whatever I didn't see me Preston stop trying to do my granny is no I'm soldiers don't believe him know where you have the same spot that you were in Bionic know that I moved okay I actually went across the map I don't know how I didn't find anyone you know what gets serious votes so you get serious any other slurp signature.

Slurp beauty ladies and gentlemen I come to interrupt your viewing experience because there is a fourth of July sale and it's fire fire fire bar July afford back-to-school sale now I know what you're thinking Preston I don't want to think about school it's July 4th and I understand that but you can prepare for school by getting your merch just early ok just like my mom told me to do this video so just bear with me guys we are releasing at 3 separate packages we've got the three-ring binder this is a three three-ring binder three wings that's more than two oh by the way this is the light package we got a ruler we got a Preston fire notebook well it is also the fire pencil bag one of my personal favorite sees it all the time not for pencils but other things we even got a fire lanyard clearly we've gone too far not to mention pens and pencils this bag contains the entire life bundle which you guys just witnessed now we're gonna move on to the basic bundle if you want the basic bundle you can choose either a backpack or a duffel bag it's gigantic you'd store a lot of candy in here okay last but not least we have the fire package and no this isn't all you get you get to choose the duffel bag or backpack with all the three-ring binder cool stuff I've shown you but you get a lunch box lunch boxes and we put my cheese in there it's great I think I think that's everything have i okay let's just cut the video I've done enough selling out for today good job guys a nice lemon I get nervous yeah. You're nervous we're all true we're both still alive what done like no your fire armor gold - I've been using one there's like 22 seconds left you know as we wind where's the basement same how do we get there dude I know you hit the bottom no no.

Dude they're doing really well do I don't have my any of my brightness on it's oil drums we give them some pins because like I feel like we're gonna win regardless I'll give them a hit for you burr it's really cold that's where he is filming he's in the freezer no you have way twice our. Fireball here draw Bionic weird panic we.

Gotta fight him hold on Oh wouldn't you.

Do it at the map my finger slipped did I win what have you tied to the map I want to race is your finger slipped.

Jerome this is the last time I hereby present our ceman the 99 menu and banish you from Pride Rock you are never allowed to set foot in my territory can you beat the monster how do you do the Derby people lose all be peace oh yeah baby monster I was like did you.

Come here drum I don't know don't can.

You that's like more of the question there you mean like it's a big box of.

Shame you know I drove it's uh it's something like that you don't I mean what the heck are we doing right get out of here guys yeah this is for Jerome only oh okay drugs you are a suspect in blowing up our beautiful beautiful map you have no evidence I do I have all the evidence from all the evidence oh you don't need to perform this command oh dude death to Bacchus Esteban deserved a fair trial you know like your own no you don't you just dump don't let you take it that buddy come on give it a shot oh all right well thank you guys for watching hope you all enjoyed infinite make sure you smash the like button subscribe check out all these lovely people down below the description the fog that take care have an amazing night everybody peace out

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