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Minecraft | Mario Madness Adventures | Daisy's Cruse Ship Hide and Seek! [18]

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Все видео пользователя: Tripolar.

In this episode Mario and Tripolar are on Vacation with the crew! Toadsworth brings them over to Daisy's Castle to meet Princess daisy for a surprise day on her Cruise ship! Lets see what crazy things happen!

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Minecraft | Mario Madness Adventures | Daisy's Cruse Ship Hide and Seek! [18]

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All right everyone so here we are cheep-cheep Beach try where are we supposed to divvying up the houses we'll do that in a second me purrs we just got here enjoy the area try this place is so nice I mean it's crazy right look out beautiful oh my goodness it is so beautiful where's the bedroom toadsworth already I gotta go all right and then go in the water toads work you are pooping in the water yeah all right good good good so trying how we gonna divvy up now seats beepers oh my gosh relax will do in a second hey guys what's going on it's your boy tri-polar TR i pol AR and welcome back to a brand new episode of Mario madness adventures and guys today we are continuing our vacation here on cheap cheap Beach so if you guys are new here make sure you go down below and smash that subscribe button and guys make sure you also smash that like button as well since we will be going to the hall of adventures later to add one of you guys there so you're not gonna want to miss out on that us you definitely gonna want to smash that like button guys links in the description to my Instagram Twitter and merchandise shot make sure you go check it all out without for that you guys we are here on a vacation train houses meet burrs alright I'll divvy up the houses alright listen here's how we live you up Mary oh you grab that one Nikki or it looks like you want that one Johnny purrs you can have that one but Troy where are we gonna stay well we have the deluxe resort - look who says that.

You'll get the daleks resort listen your names on the house already yeah and you guys get to be on the water with a bonfire and everything look at this these are nice houses alright yeah I'm really not complaining we're right on the water and we could stay over here for the bonfire at night yeah me and toadsworth have to walk and I have to stay with toadsworth exactly toadsworth.

We're boys doing okay toadsworth guys guys what we'll meet back up with you in a little bit okay okie dokie we'll get off on all our stuff in our unpack all right good Troy where are we going shows worth we're just going right over here okay boy because this is where we're staying oh it looks nice yeah yeah come on all.

Right so it looks like I'll get this master bed whoo what's my bed um it looks like it's over here this is your Brown bed and looks like it's in the floor ooh comfortable well I'm glad you like it so it's worth now I told you with are you excited for our vacation yes I'm very excited what do you want to do the most relax and let myself go well you've ever really been doing that with your bowels hey come on I'm an old man get over it yeah yeah yeah all right come on you wanna gather everyone up in to see what we can do around here Shirley Shirley but mo tri-polar I do have an announcement to make when we have everyone together okay toadsworth well that's fine come on let's just go again everyone okay okay okay uh guys is everyone ready Troy yes sir we're all ready to go uh. Where's me purse I'll go get him I'm right here I'm right here everyone relax easy or are you you're beautiful me pers is here what the heck all right guys well anyway listen let's go by the campfire because I think toadsworth has some news for us so if we sit around the campfire oh yeah this is relaxing so what do we need do today that's precisely what I wanted to talk to you about listen I have a friend around here and I think that some of you might know them oh I know you're talking about who is he talking about yeah who is it well it's a surprise but we're going to visit them so and neighbor surprise for us as well so if you'd follow me we're gonna go over there okay well guys looks like we're gonna go follow toadsworth to a good surprise so it better be good yeah they can't fire for I mean that place was awesome well don't worry Nick we have several days of vacation I know but I won't do it now this better be good surprise it will be don't worry come on guys let's head on over there all right guys we'll see you when we're over there all right all right the secrets going on for long enough this is princess Daisy's soeul what the Princess Daisy no way that's awesome she's like the worst princess why do we care what neck so don't be disrespectful try come on be real dude she's actually like the worst princess okay she's the most sporty one yeah but come on try she's like out of Rosaline and peach which one you get a pic come on well maybe she's nice and real light Yannick you gotta give her a chance I mean it's nowhere Ouija Castle but Daisy's is pretty cool why we just lose a to me pose how dare you see them I'm a well Ouija Stan boys come on yeah what the heck are you guys doing alright alright Nick just be on your best behavior okay yeah yeah yeah we'll see you back there hello princess a daisy ah looks like you.

Brought some guests along hello Princess Daisy that we did we want to introduce you to some of our newest heroes Oh they'd have no introduction I know exactly who they are Nick neighbors and tri-polar you you know us yeah what the heck yeah what the heck lady of course I know you guys heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom Verducci who single-handedly saved um tow debts ah well I need my Cap'n. Told it'd help me but yep oh I get elite that's what I did then you have me purrs well got captured by Bowser and whatnot and uh yeah that's me got captured by Bowser and globey yep yep yep and then tri-polar who saved my dearest friend Princess Peach uh yeah and I also saved me purrs and I ever saved me you too no I saved myself oh well yeah I save a lot of people yes what a team what a duo yeah see that you have replaced Luigi oh don't you talk about my brother Luigi by the way how are you guys I don't talk to him anymore oh you don't talk to him anymore guys uh excuse me uh what my partner what are you doing I have to go talk to Nick and me purse for a second oh okay well you guys catch up but Nick a me purse can I talk to you outside yeah honey what's the big deal guys it's justice is it just me or is Princess Daisy so much harder in real life no do.

We what are you saying try uh I happen to agree with you but I also think that like bow sign is hot so I don't really know if my opinion is valid in the situation yes that's not valid listen are you guys out of your mind are you crazy are you crazy are you any mind no no Nick listen I think she's kind of cute I mean Mario is already with peach I mean come on I she could be my new love interest you know you liked Odette I don't like toad for the last time and that's right well let me just give her a chance all right man you know what I can't make you say for you before it whatever you say oh yeah Jay go for it oh yeah uptown brother oh yeah and me Bruce high five okay anyway sorry guys uh we had to deal with something Nick was uh doing something wanna party blame around me well anyway uh so what's going on well it Daisy was just telling us that she's that surprise for us that's right yeah Pete sent you here for specific reason because cheap cheap beaches beautiful vacation spot well yes but also cuz I have my cruise ship here oh yeah I saw that ooh I love diesease cruise ship especially merio double - Oh an Sluggers oh yes yes yes I love them both well I was wondering if you guys wanted to come on board for a day on board the cruise ship well I don't know why I'm acting surprised already knew this is why it to come over here but what do you guys think oh my gosh Daisy uh we would be honored to go on your cruise ship yeah all right this Daisy might be not have been told you Nick all right well let me show you you'll be a full tour oh boy I'm so excited I like the part well the dining routine will shift around try need to drive around them I like that part to me purse but come on let's just go see hopefully no giant squid comes over like destroys the thing guys come on this way your gums knee bruise that only opens and Sluggers ain't no trying but it's a legitimate concern oh yeah I mean I guess I guess all right come on let's go let's go oh my goodness this is beautiful Daisy yes yes yes that it is true it's the scene with the ball rubes yummy purse this is it right here oh wow this is really cool yeah we play all sorts of games we're not playing baseball or go karting also what are you doing here well I mean since you guys are on vacation you may want to play a little meeting uh yeah you guys down for a mini game I'm there for a mini game yeah meets you I like mini games what kind of mini game is this well we could play a good ol game of hide-and-seek that ship is big enough whoa while I kind sheiks uh can I seek first oh sure sure try you can see first okay awesome uh where should I go I just got off the ship okay guys hide and then I'll find you oh my gosh II can't believe watching you two play hide and seek on Daisy's cruise ship this is gonna be so awesome guys like I mean I would never even dream that would be on Daisy's cruise ship Libby one of my favorite doubled are double dash courses so cool that we are here this world is amazing and Tec samay zhing all right all right.

I'll count I'll count like down from ten I'll count a little more because I saw people running around but guys I just can't believe this is here this is awesome guys if you guys like this bill make sure you're smashing that like but I mean this world is incredible to look at this section of it but alright anyway okay where should I go first employees only days you can go in the employees only yeah I don't care ok ok good gig I can you anywhere ok who will be the last found ok let's I got a look at all the.

Nooks and crannies to make sure no one's hiding up Daisy I found you ah dang it.

Uh-uh I got you Daisy you know I don't. Actually mind getting caught by you try oh really yeah I know I saw toadsworth I just saw toads work oh ok toads word oh dang it I thought this would be a good spot well it was good toadsworth but I got you doing it doing it doing it all right guys who's left Nick and me person Mario who will win ok ok ok we're probably only gonna play like two rounds because I don't want wait it's someone in the swimming pool cuz I would be a really good spot to hide doesn't look like it alright alright so looks like the top deck might be you know clear but let's go see everywhere else maybe someone's on this side of the ship because last time I saw someone on that side the ship but uh let's see let's see I did see me purrs run the other way but I want to make sure that no one is around anywhere Troy come on let's find someone I know we're trying we're trying okay let's look around here mmm doesn't look like there's anyone there what about in here anyone up Oh oh my gosh I thought you of you they get married when you're behind with me why we just gave Nick the victory oh yes sweet cheeks are worn what Nick that was a good hiding spot oh yeah what will Nick listen since you won nine seek you should be it next okay this is the final round okay try off the ship now okay good good good good good I'll try why don't you I hide with me uh okay Daisy uh where do you want to hide somewhere private maybe okay try I'm.

Coming soon uh uh this is uh sure this is a good spot easy oh yeah I believe this a lot this is a good spot okay what are you not here icon all right dizzy you sure this is good oh yeah you know you're kind of cute try uh I am yeah.

Thank you.

Why are you kissing uh uh uh Daisy you stay here I'll go uh you get a look around get a look around um DZ where do I go I don't know oh shoot okay okay you gotta get out of here hope we can't be seen together Daisy no I saw my friends make fun of me okay okay okay I gotta get I gotta get a ghetto hiding spot okay okay I think.

Nikki didn't see anything yes I did try Nick you see anything anything I'm out of your baby whoa try get back your body gets cool brother oh I'm in creative mode uh Nick I mean I'm in creative mode try were you making out with Daisy but no no I wasn't are you sure what okay.

Why uh was easy here she must have moved. Oh my gosh what are we gonna do wait um Oh that was water I thought I saw something through the wall me too what the heck all right come on Nick let's look all right Nick do you find anywhere else yet well no they would be with me if I find anyone else Oh juju juju juju job all right Nick can I help you hide we'll find you I don't care go for it okay good good good good Nick wait where'd you go I already checked over you try Oh Yuri check down here yes oh okay well okay where are we going then Bobby I think I see someone.

Try me burst what oh my gosh I saw you put through the wall me please oh dang Oh basil you too Oh Oh Daisy oh look who it is mr. kiss.

But don't tell trying did you make out with the easy what no no liar what try you slide on you why is it Pierce at me uh Daisy listen we'll talk later uh guys um I found Mario what the heck wait does that mean toadsworth won yay I'm the winner I win I win I win good job toadsworth all right guys which we do now Wow we should head back to the castle to have a private talk trying she sounds pretty angry at you uh okay uh yeah yeah yeah let's uh let's. Let's go let's look let's look let's just go all right all right so uh where we gonna go let's go back to the castle okay back to the castle we go all right here we are back at the castle okie dokie well that was a fun day I can't believe I beat all of you mushroom people rule hot though it's worth yes Nick mean you are the absolute best trying aren't you in hot water with Daisy Oh guys we'll meet you inside on me per se I think I'm really in hot water try what you do well we were kissing and everything but then I didn't want anyone to make fun of me so I know what to do so I just you know I left trying you can't kiss a woman and then leave try what is wrong with you do you not know what to do yeah try what the heck's wrong with you listen guys I didn't know what I was doing I really don't want to lose her how do you lose a woman you forget to cherish her try well okay me first I understand that but oh my gosh so various Oh Trey you're.

Done for buddy anyway I think trying days you have some things to talk about what do we say everyone goes to the bonfire okie dokie sounds like a good idea before this whole place burns down yeah I mean I'm out of here good luck trying what's up guys so long Troy even you toadsworth even me see you later buddy uh hello tri-polar uh did.

Daisy uh hi Daisy um how are you doing just.

Great how are you uh Daisy listen I can explain I didn't want anyone to know yet I mean I just met you what I didn't want everyone to think that try how dare you kiss me and leave and then what Paris by me but no no no dude easy I think you're beautiful yes Daisy I do I I just didn't want everyone to know right away that you you know that me and you were like a thing I know if it was gonna be weird I don't know if you wanted people to know you were just thinking about my feelings yes exactly.

Yes are you mad anymore no okay well what do you say we go uh I'll walk over there and go join the others at the campfire sounds romantic so Daisy yeah I really do apologize I didn't mean to I just didn't want everyone to know yet I understand sorry I have reacted how do you like the cruise ship I loved it I thought it was awesome this is a really good vacation huh yeah maybe you should come visit them at the Mushroom Kingdom I don't know how far it is um try oh yeah I'll show you how far it is what what do you mean I mean we took a plane to get here it has to be pretty far Daisy I try you see that oh that little cave right there uh yeah yeah that's cascade false what it's not close yep just walk right through why are we going to plane then god oh no peach likes to be extravagant okay I could let me seed up with that there's the theme park it oh my god that's where next house it oh my are we actually are really close told ya alright well anyway uh let's go back over to the campfire and enjoy this beautiful night here on the beach oh. Whoa oh yeah you guys swimming no what.

Does it look like we're doing trying no we're having a tea party in the water you idiot okay me because I don't need the attitude hey try go get your swimsuit on.

Oh okay I think I have it I think I have it okay gotta put my swimsuit on well trying we're matching oh good good okay anyway we oh my gosh guys this has been such a fun day on vacation guys if you guys had fun make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel don't leave because a peach is actually going to do the haul of adventures but guys thank you so much or wait a minute uh guys oh yes right well wait a minute I have to see something what are you going follow me try what they are you going try don't ruin the illusion no no I listen listen listen I want to go see cuz I don't have the peach to go do it and I could just go do it myself try uh why do we take an.

Airplane if the mushroom kingdom is Lily right here uh I don't know but you guys want to do the whole oh heck yeah we don't do the whole in our swimming trunks okay me because I don't know why that makes a difference but all right let's go do the whole guys I didn't realize it was this close I guess everything in the MMA world is magical and connected this world is so freakin cool I can't get over it anyway guys let's go down to the all adventures to add one of you guys to a statue alright guys here we are at the Hall of adventures well try it's been a while I'm so happy any Bank alright guys well this is the hall Oh Daisy welcome to hall adventures thank you there's no all adventures guys where you guys can leave a like be subscriber and leave a comment to be added to one of these awesome statues of your favorite heroes either toadsworth Nick myself Mario or meet bars so guys without further ado we are gonna add someone to some someone to someone statue today last time I asked you guys what you guys thought we were doing on vacation and this person actually got very very very close to actually they said three things and we did two of them so that's why I am adding them to day they're gonna add to be added into my statue Wow of course okay we have added someone to my set you in a while and they I know I'm no I'm just joking alright guys anyway today we are dddd Bowser 88.

Congratulations Mauser 98 you have been selected to be added into my statue for the awesome comment that I'm about to read right now he said I think the boys are going swimming and to find treasure or play hide-and-seek I want my name to be Bowser 88 and I want to be in tribal or statue well congratulations Bowser 88 we went swimming that's why we're on our swim trunks oh yeah wait guys when did we all get matching swim trunks well we switched okay anyway oh okay now.

Everyone's putting them on uh anything that's awesome uh anyway and we also played hide and seek on Daisy's cruise ship yeah me too I pull it made out what a daisy hey wait you guys did what Mario how did you not know I was oblivious oh right we could go on a double date I don't guess that'll be a future episode anyway guys if you want to be added into the Hall of adventures all you have to do is smash that like button down below subscribe to the channel and answers today's comment question of the day and guys the common question of the day is going to be guys knowing us something always goes wrong during our things I'm sure we have to do some sort of adventuring so what do you think's gonna go wrong on our vacation cuz we're still on vacation trust me we'll be back at cheap cheap Beach in the next episode but what do you guys think will go wrong let me know down below say what your name is and what's that you want to be added to and you have a chance to be added to be Hall of adventures but guys thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoyed today's episode make sure like like I said leave a like down below if you in the channel make sure you subscribe and you'll see you guys inside the next one peace out guys see you on vacation bye

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