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The past couple of days I have noticed this look it is a flashing light I know Preston has been making a secret sky base and the only way to get to it it's the secret button that says do not touch so do you know what I'm gonna do bang Preston is that you Bri what are. You doing here go away I knew you been working on something all this time no you ruined my two secret houses absolutely nothing here ruin it I shouldn't dude to show me no your creations free do not follow me why did you make a hole in the wall me oh my.

Goodness I don't want your life with me that's it I'm flying away I'm flying away I'm out of here guys wait oh my goodness there's a beautiful helicopter I'm so impressed already and we haven't even made it to his secret Sky base are y'all ready to check it out I am but I first I have to make it through this hole he just made I'm ready to fly okay you guys what go okay.

Let's see what's in this helicopter there's a lot going on fly fly I was gonna say fly fly fly away I'm reading multiple things that aren't there but let's push this button and see where am I Preston is that you right there you'll never catch me alive I'm going to my secret base Oh better not see you catch up to me girl I'm out of here that was such a fast parkour I have got to get to you in that Space Shuttle because that looks awesome I have got to do this okay that parkour looks really hard that is a floating platform how cool you know what Briana if you're able to make it on to each of these three moving sky platforms and then into the entrance of my sky base I'll give you a full-blown tour and even take you on my secret rocket ship oh my gosh you make it four. Those are chicken eggs that you've got chickens all my love chickens hey you.

Guys this is my ticket to the secret sky base and I am ready okay we're going we're okay that was too much this is really scary okay okay okay okay okay. Okay okay I don't I can't even breathe right now I don't know what hey Preston no there's.

No way you made it illusion where I am I'm about the throats of chickens at your head chickens I love to get guys I.

Need you to verify that Breanna didn't cheat to get here because there's no way she made no I intentionally made this parkour to keep intruders like my wife out of my sky base is your wife ever an intruder I feel like a wife is not an intruder to share things with me my secret sky base yeah this is my home Brad wouldn't you want to show me your beautiful creation I'm Breanna come inside let me show you around this place is pretty I could read for days we could.

Play for tonight little irika play for night come over here check it out.

There's you dying that's fine Sean everyone thank you so much here is my little dinner no Bri come on you know I don't have to cook anything but I do have a frigerator button hey hey hey Bri you know I love eggs so I've got a frigerator that spits out edge this is the original Skyblock. Which brand of you never played Skyblock it's pretty flippin amazing your watermelon we even have our own a minecraft Skyblock server coming here soon which I'm gonna make you play on it's awesome well I am pops I bet you don't even know how to make obsidian let me teach you something okay girlfriend what's obsidian oh my gosh guys did biggest noob I'm probably gonna mess this up though to be honest guys sorry in Skyblock if you make what's called a cobblestone generator you can actually make cobblestone okay it's really cool so I'm gonna show you this it like you would put the lava bucket down here look even the water water here okay check it out that made cobblestone just do it yeah and then here let me show you something else oh I'm about the Mississippi hold.

On hold on Billie Jean this is why I normally I'm not in charge of making stuff on our Skyblock server I'm kind of bad when it comes to that and this should only not make it do that look it's a cobblestone generator look it's infinite cobblestone is that cool you could literally sit here and mine infinite cobblestone to make a base do whatever you want but here's the here's that here's the trick so what's the trick if you put the water too close to the lava yeah and I make obsidian and it gets rid of your lava oh it's good of you perfer obsidian or do you prefer cobblestone usually prefer cobblestone because obsidian is kind of Cobo like how long it takes a break here generator it's just one block yeah so I lost my lava which is not the best but that's okay it was for demonstration purposes so I come over here I appreciate it Preston where am I going now though this is you know my little car collection over here as you can tell I have a speedster McLaren 9/7 zebra Webb or guinea Ferrari can I sit in it yeah go ahead sit down sit down well it's I'm still building the car so it's not fully done yet and then if you look over here on the team this is probably my favorite car all them my goodness like can you please tell me why you eat this I'm like a little concerned right now why not what if I have a gaming setup inside the tank you know what I mean like maybe I want to bring my buddies around town play my games in my tank you know I'm saying are you protecting yourself against something that I need to be aware of is hi neighbors okay it's like a zombie apocalypse this could technically happen at any moment in time you know and look it's also street-legal I've even got stoplights on the back of it just in case Oh perfect my license plate hold on there we go got the license plate on there too really awesome are you making. Fun of my license plate right now girl no is this bring you sleep are these beds no Breanna's is that where we sleep what is right here do you see those are my toolboxes oh you goober Knakal I know I told you if you'd make the parkour I would put you on my spaceship yeah I gotta make it a little more difficult than that okay you have to crack the code to get to the spaceship I'll get you have to turn these torches based on the amount of colored flowers and my garden don't ask why I have a garden I like flowers my great-grandma wears an awesome gardener so in her honor and her memory I decided to build a pretty dope garden okay you have got to crack the code using the flowers and the torches and then only then will I allow you to ride on my spaceship okay I'm just like in awe of how pretty this is so I see one orange I see three red and I see or blue I. Can't help you here girl I'm sorry okay we're gonna go with that so I saw one two three red with a one orange and I think I saw one two three or blue.

Know something that I don't know this chicken is dead and a chicken. Through the certified but you didn't grab the code person thank you again Breanna I swear one two oh now I'm really questioning my entire life right look Breanna while you're over here counting flowers my voice it's kind of tired because I literally had a rule yell and talk to construction workers day and night to get this base built so I'm gonna go to the kitchen make me a cup of tea hey what do you know what I'm talking you woman yes I make a cup of tea I'll be back don't break anything while I'm gone okay well but I figured it out I think the blue is three and the red is four and then there's blue and okay skinny are you right now I'm making a cup of tea let's see let's turn them all back okay the red one or the horn ones 1 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 presses giving T and I'm going.

In a rocket ship should I go without him that would be me I should probably wait until he's done getting tea oh my gosh there's outfits there's outfits there's a buh buh duh buh duh buh duh I can't even speak English I'm so excited I'm putting on an astronaut suit oh did I break it or did I just put it on I.

Look fabulous I was born for this moment all right I finished grabbing mighty waters happene a woman I have my astronaut suit on I'm ready to go okay I.

Honestly I'm gonna be real with you guys I did not expect Randa to crack the code no okay okay we are really gonna need to put on our Elon Musk hats here I'm be honest dude right now babe I've actually never traveled in this spaceship ever now I'm a little concerned I don't feel like I should fly with the first time pilot look don't worry about it it can't be much more than you know much more different than playing video games right like it's like playing for night flying a spaceship you know pretty much the same thing definitely different would you I'm pretty sure I keep falling down the stairs with you are you not even making it up the stairs Wayman come I don't want to talk about it but would you let a pilot for the first time fly you you know across Antarctica Oh 100% I got me an article now he's my favorite no does the staircase go you must continue to climb women continue to climb there's so many stairs oh don't fall don't make the wrong here's the.

Worst thing about this ha is there a.

Checkpoint somewhere Briana I don't live by checkpoints I'm sorry no presen did you really need to make a parkour if you've never even flown your spaceship yes I have to keep out weird people you know kind of like you from dying my spaceship that's not very nice I'm not even nervous I'm about to fly the spaceship without your girl yeah so.

If you jump you might you might notice something a little bit different we're like in space already yeah we're little in space look Briana I built the fastest spaceship known to humankind it's amazing Wow guys look on the screen it's like we're in space for will we've lost gravity we're on the moon it's pretty freakin awesome i-i've always wanted to go to the moon does it taste like cheese will you eat it I don't know let me try it I don't recommend doing this you die oh hi Breanna the cheese was moldy but follow me if you want to see the other side is that the man in the moon are we meeting the man in the mood you mean the man on the moon serious man he lives in the moon let's see them Scoob ok ok ok I'm a bit.

Impressed right now awesome whoa find all the buttons to activate the phantom lasers I mean that's why I remember making this this is quite difficult to be honest what does that mean there's phantoms in here no there's no phantoms in here there's just lasers a girl I'm afraid of Fanta look here's we have the new we have to find all the buttons so we can activate these lasers ok Oh.

Whatsoever phantoms there know what they're my.

Trained dogs they're protect my base you goofball Preston they're gonna eat you you better be careful I'm not gonna get you down the one who put me there ok so I need to define the buttons yep you gotta find all the buttons Preston those phantoms are terrifying why did you make those I told you they've got to be here to protect me okay oh you found a button yeah I just have to get to it I clicked. It oh yeah okay one Preston are you.

Looking two buttons I'm totally looking Breanna you remember that tea I made earlier well I'm still enjoying it okay president you're gonna get eaten not a chance I told you the phantoms are loyal to their master which is me my phantoms.

Oh no no it's killing my babies.

Fireworks oh my gosh well now I don't. Have any more phantoms are you happy about that I I'm honestly very happy about that those worried a little too much for me I'll be waiting for you on the other side of this rock Breanna you guys why is Preston so good at jumping he just you amazes me I'm trying to focus you guys cuz I have to see what over there on the other side of this moon cheese I want to eat it I feel like moon cheese would be tasty president was it tasty no it killed me well did the cheese kill you or did ya it was the cheese I told you I'm intolerant especially to moon cheese's I just don't know I just I feel like you should have given it more of a chance wait president where are you I lost will you jump out ok I saw you I made it.

Hi Brina whatever you do please do not go into this rock okay please do just don't oh did I hate Bree Bree I'll reap I honestly didn't think I did no no Briana Briana I'm not to report all tonight

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