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REALISTIC MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE! - Minecraft IRL Animations / In Real Life Minecraft Animations

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REALISTIC MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE! - Minecraft IRL Animations / In Real Life Minecraft Animations

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Realistic Minecraft by LowLevelNoob | Realistic Minecraft


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And thanks to you whoa whoa it's getting.

Dark now let's make a bet mm-hmm and head over my lovely building which was destroyed by a creep anyway so tired now.

Let's take a little nap with some custom sounds yeah check this out yeah okay.

So I'm ready whoa whoa whoa where am I.

Whoa okay okay okay Oh what the heck.

What was that what is this place how did.

I get in here oh there's a crate nice.

Nice I've got my new port back yeah by.

The way what's inside here oh how cute. Little rom be sorry I have to kill you ha what a joke and what's inside this door again a little zombie what's that whoa a giant zombie ho let's get out of here hmm this is so strange where I have.

To go let's check this room again are you serious oh it's just here right before and it was a. Oh well that's so dizzy. What is this head and two strange noise over there well rainbow party move sheep move get.

Out of my way come on come on please move whoa why is he climbing that's not possible never mind let's go up there and see what comes next is this mr. freedom over there no it isn't it is whoa let's get out of here okay how can I open it oh there's a lever whoa let.

Again zombies not again Oh what was that no no no no oh no they're coming why I'm.

Moving so slowly what is this come on.

I hope there's an exit over there what.

What a coward whoa whoa stop stop cow cow please stop whoa why.

Whoa this was just dream oh man that was.

So sick.

No they saw me they saw me I don't know what I'm gonna do now oh okay hmm okay.

Let's go there let's kill them no open.

The door and let me in not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin well I'm huffin and I'm puffing and I blow your house in.

Stop stop.

Please get away get out of here little.

Pig opened door no open the door and let. Me in no not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin yeah well then I'm off.

In an Amber fin and I blow your house in.

Hello surprise what are you doing there.

Crying knock knock yeah he's your best friend open the door get out it I've got the surprise for you come on shut up I'm warning you what get out of here now.

Move are you crazy like wanted you getting angry now I'm huffing and puffing and I blow your house in.


What is this.

No I'm stuck I'm stuck.

Oh no he threat his threat. Yeah build pickup trap real fast build trap come on come on build traps yeah yeah good good good nice job yeah yeah hey hey hey.

Yeah whoa what what what no no no no no.

No no okay okay I'm sorry I'm sorry let me out of here no sorry please please I've told you and I've warned you.

Come on please please okay I be your best friends I've you best friends oh no no don't stop stop.

Oh here here is it yes I found it.

Ah this nice tree very rare oh yeah okay.

Now I need some special mushrooms.

Who was it is angry now smash.

I hate monster I hate monster oh there.

Is more skeleton so many monsters okay.

Now I need some wood oh yes here here is.

A tree more skeletons more monsters all.

Is angry very angry smash.

Nice yeah okay let's get out of here.

Hulk smash Hulk smash let's get out of.


Oh no monsters in front of my house home.

Oh no my girlfriend my girlfriend Alex.

She's in danger Alex stop no don't jump Alex don't jump.

No let me alone why you're a monster.

Don't I don't love you I love you you're.

A monster no I'm not a monster Alex wait I will take my life I'm not a monster you see it's me wait it's me.

Steve it's Steve I love you I'm not a monster Steve it's you why.

Don't send me wait why you didn't tell me you're a boy I love you please come back to me please Steve swear watch out.

Watch out oh thank you you saved my life.

I'm so happy Steve I saved your life thank you Maury okay I love you I love.

You Steve it's only a dream it's whoa.

That was a good sleep.

Hulk is angry now.

Take this little man.

Ah where am i where am i oh I'm so.

Hungry and I'm tired oh oh oh oh no I'm.

Dying oh there there is the island oh.

Nice Oh let's swim there.

I'm so tired.

Oh where am I oh no I will die oh no whoa okay Oh what.

Is this just let's see what's inside okay Oh.

What is this Oh grab it oh nice what is.

This a fishing rod oh yeah cool okay.

Let's go some fishing ready.

What like this nice okay let's wait a.

Bit Oh what he sees Oh Oh catch something.

Whoa what is this.

Oh No huh what the heck what is this Oh No maybe I can use this okay strange.

What the heck okay let's fish some other things.

Whoa whoa what is this Oh a shoe a shoe oh okay yeah maybe I I.

Can use this oh man I'm so hungry I need some fish come on fishy fishy fish come.

On finish please whoa what what is this.

What what whoa Oh what they're freaking.

Banana is this a swim gum Oh No okay.

Please please now I need some fish I'm.

So hungry whoa okay hmm what a paper clip okay.

Okay what I catch now what is seas off come.

On come on whoa oh oh come on please.

What is this come on okay let's see what I can do.

With this yes I have the best idea ever.

And it's yes I'm so proud of it bye bye.

See ya ba ba.

Oh oh no no what is this what is this.

Place no no nothing is here oh oh I'm so.

Hungry I have to eat grass oh no oh no.

Okay let's eat I'm so hungry

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