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В этом видео по игре Майнкрафт я покажу как сделать скрафтить аниматроника из игры пять ночей с фредди на детском канале ЕвгенБро покажу обзор мода на аниматроники в minecraft mods fnaf обзор модов for kids для детей

МАЙНКРАФТ КАК ПОСТРОИТЬ https://ali2.ru/g1MTkmcc


ПРИКЛЮЧЕНИЯ В МАЙНКРАФТ https://ali2.ru/g1nwfI4H

МИР ДЕТЕЙ В МАЙНКРАФТ ( MINECRAFT ) https://ali2.ru/g17hnh0A

Привет бро ! Ты на моем канал ЕвгенБро =) Я летсплейщик по игре Майнкрафт . Не знаешь что такое Minecraft ? - Я расскажу тебе =D Маинкрафт - это игра ( мультик ) про выживание и приключения в одиночку или с друзьями ( И девушка ) по сети . Но это не всё,есть множество других способов развлечься в майнкрафте . Например,можно скачать моды или установить мод , который добавит в игру майнкравт новые краски ! ( Не только дети могут смотреть и играть,но и взрослые ! )


Не пропускайте новых прохождений карт по майнкрафту (minecraft) и других забавных видео! :)

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Hello dear friends with you EvgenBro bro and shorter know cho In this series we crafted I'll animatronics Now I show but are put in in this series will fearful animatronics so right now Like and klikayte subscribe to channel and even write hashtag horrors yes horror.

Look over there Nubika tries crafted but animatronics today we are one of the Bika zatrolim so.

Shorter than you know what Friends crafting us Th us need It requires years red dust then need so candles and all because all so let's go then.

Can you see my friends on here already animatronics or it seemed to me write to comments you We saw something or not Come see come.

Try to Strelnik flour and nabezhali comforts us he will not notice roll tightly and go there is only Yes No s.

Well, here it is resident said resident online.

The discharge inhabitant They talk to the it usually so we know the shorter it is necessary to see what Unit made shorter Friends taking means so here and leave for the girl here and so in short, we short reality will do Dwarka animatronics We should be here so abruptly Now do next It means here and so Dubik trying me let's play see what he turn and then take shorter look this I fortunately has candles from here We put here here in short here one spoonful yes you make your interesting as well so if there is no let so much so.

Wait at the distracted now someone will make shorter so here are both shorter shorter look partly to friends and turn on the idea poidee all keys Take the gun but Omsk is to get enough this stage ideas Friends stories but how would it does not think you are Argue it all turn away Well, I think shorter waiting.

Can turn hello boy on We look shorter crafted animatronics and Zinchuk Give animatronic pain hello young people kid in here look real.

Animatronic when boy, called Tell me in short, I think it baddest bikes is gone in the village to the house of one resident and there was the book I was there in short summoning ritual and Kraft animatronics You know clearly that you called I just until it is near sick House shorter and He blew his nose and then they I She urged and now I'm putting very, very angry but are you today today I will encourage their friends animatronics What you have not yet eat here and so well, nifiga this IKEA these are my friends animatronics and they now fill the entire your village nifiga Me and running and I armed and dangerous out why these chic nifigase is you well all you exit Glenn Beck with me so chases run run another extinguish Kasimov so Come let her Closes you While all zanykal Come let us can have have you finger here until I look damn sick in years Oh Well small like culture there any the moon is shorter at me also have shoes scared shoot cartoon clips here Well ka deliver live th.

Pancake tychu extinguish something run run run so go run run my today we have catch this one small big I thought he could call on me when he wants but there is no Well damn it there He goes where he lost me so jet on demand will look for him apple nose is stuffed up but Well na na memory storage memory memory storage memory.

So Come stand-ka so stand wait small Dubik Now to you for trolls here such.

Not the chamber and all be animatronics.

Now back there as a pancake without animatronics Then we proceed Now here so numb she is where he all eyes teach something cool for so it Come on, let's Che look here you can take this Agent takes necessary shorter.

A little boy somewhere there I lost.

Flying over the village bear great so at I also have this a gun.

Speak there and I also from this gun yet all of you slipped away Okay so let's something else to deliver late quelle here it is tough so let's animatronic insoles nafig so a little bit shorter nothing is not so It shows all that matter wherein the water to where it is panted but you Khan.

Boy on the way global.

Button I got.

I'm there all wave and all it is not a.

Now I have a lot of them Turrets now I I shorter to you all Khan now I you I'll know Che Now take all the River on the lake I gene I will shoot you figase tech tactics this soil so where it is and where there is a Now it is small boy.

So I material.

Selling it to me so stand stand stand or.

You passages for and while Oh.

It is ticking thought.

I'm flying somewhere in Game 2 bunch of 121 all odna.

Cliff ran so well so so so good removal of this insidious traps because there where he urgently on its lure key in slammer and I close there I understood as all friends run run and where he I think there I It seems do not see him so flee toward I think tyuryachki I heard something Poteryashka where Anton quality lure here and this still knocks Zagashev only what you They think pokes toga and still have touch Come on come on over me me and for your.

This shrine since taking take as well, all you course I realized then you trapped in this here too the fence and a little bit about this here all spark which close all closed non chooses dogs in the sense that.

2 tank there is not there can not can not can not here and get out here here.

High - and you forget about not even be lighter shorter stay there 1 so animatronic It seems that you won I was a young boy but but you sleep protection because we have other animatronics come and then you can fight Well understood nafig in short everything is very all That's how friends and clouds tricked lured animatronic all while tits magician and someone's head a

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