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What would Minecraft be like in 2d?

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In this 1.12.2 2D Minecraft Custom Map:

Jen has been working on a machine to turn the world pink! But something goes terribly wrong and the world is no longer 3d!

Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442...

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Hey what's up dudes it's Pat welcome back to another minecraft video yeah today is a big day this might be the coolest idea for a map I have ever came up with and I had loved Cubs created for us guys it is gonna be amazing Jen's got no idea what it is you guys are gonna be absolutely amazed unless he did a really bad job so what are we doing why are we in a garage right now all right I have no idea why we're starting it here but is gonna be awesome today guys you're never ever gonna see anything like this on any other YouTube channel for Minecraft who definitely smash that subscribe button also smash the like button if you want to see another map like this apparently it was a ridiculous amount of work for him he probably hopes you don't like it and don't forget to ring the bell I actually just rang it for the first time ever yesterday but you rang my bell I know I actually did I actually forgot but I was good I was thinking about it I'm actually I don't where is the Bell but yeah guys give me some fun times today I hope we're gonna start the map I don't really know what's gonna happen exactly but I told them what I wanted to see sort of so here we go what do you want to do today Jen well I have actually been working on an experiment it's the machine to turn the world pink oh and where have you been working on that Jen it's in a secret laboratory I. Keep the engines in our bedroom closet the machine is ready to turn on oh it's exciting I've been working on something to turn the whole world page why me it does sound like you so cool let's go okay so this is our house it is amazing look at our TV explore the whole thing first before we go to the bedroom okay I don't even know where the bedroom is nobody here with me okay that's not the way you said you say it backward so we got all this nice stuff over here I found the kitchen over here it looks beautiful I'm checking the cabinets and rightly so very nice checking the fridge each other nice little stove alright I think no this is the dishwasher you at least like buy us some food you go shopping that is just you can go shopping I'm saying that because I'm a female I'm not saying that I'll do all the shopping all right I'm just closed to the door you all right so let's see.

So if we go over here oh this is apparently a hot dog look and then. There's like a fire that keeps it nice and warm oh man we are having it out all right so.

The bedroom I'm guessing is on the second floor then it's definitely not over here let's go upstairs okay oh oh.

No Jen wait what's wrong I'm hideous what do you just looked at myself in the mirror oh yeah beautiful are you sure your lips look funky in the mirror sometimes yeah look all right so yeah.

That's of course did I just you can see in this I didn't know there was a symbol all right my weight room is over here looking completely applicant even I'm a dartboard in a punching bag our bedroom where is it you sit on the third floor or is this it wait I found our bedroom I think we go upstairs first though what if that is where you're like special secret laboratories all right pretty sick gaming setup always loving our clock around here you have our pool table over here our foosball table I really need a playful I wanna be a loose ball team I actually think it'd be fun you should get one all right okay bedroom over here so this is our baby this nice blue bed there's clouds eating pizza in the bedroom in kit cloud you shouldn't be eating cake and pizza it's not just for you all right we got the outdoor area over here so where's the closet out oh so you have a laboratory wait what is this okay this is the closet wait Jen look at the outdoor area with the fire it's so nice laboratory closet over here so there's a secret room please we sent a button no it's a lever wait go oh my god you made this yes oh man this is actually really cool so you have a laboratory that will create the world into a pink world is so exciting I built this you did through.

The button ok let's press this button let's do what happens ooh okay look at it it's beautiful.

Is that a pink earth the earth is gonna look like that it's like your goal just like you work out of mine come on so how do we open this thing okay so there is a button right there okay oh no I think we started the machine oh wait your head's.

Way back before it what happened let's check out the hoppers inside I think there might be something wrong with the main part all right okay oh whoa that's cool that's how you open the door okay let's go in here alright so there is an empty unicorn dust bag in here there's a burnt pink magic stone in here and there's burnt out gumdrops in this one I have no idea how to work this thing so you've got a big magic stone that you found unicorn dust and you put in gumdrops and you thought I'll turn the world Pig alright so none of the other things look like they opened those are probably other creations we don't want to know about so I guess the world isn't pink man yeah pink right now oh no it turned the world to tea instead of pink the radius around the machine must have been kept safe Reed oh oh no oh no is this our house what did you do head look at the trees look at you did to our homes look it's flat look you could even see in the kitchen oh my god wait I'm gonna look behind our house wait this is so cool come here you've ruined the house look at there's a candy land we could go with you and a unicorn Billy wait I somehow I'm stuck behind the house it's so flat can't figure out how to get back but okay so what what are we looking at come over here it says there's a candy land straight ahead there's a unicorn village to the right in a pink cut Kafka.

Wait did you see the buddies yeah they look really funny like the poor bunnies you did this to the world I can't believe you to this shadow should he go first all right okay so wherever you a my flat no muff laughs all right okay let's go get a Candyland thirst all right so we'll go to Candyland hopefully we can get you know new candy duster whatever we need is over there too oh no he looks awful he looks so flat I can't believe you did this our world oh look at the little guys oh we must need.

The gumdrops to replace with the other ones yes okay wait do we punch up are we.

Supposed to have weapons or do we just.

Jump in and we grab these I don't know what to do how do we get them after me.

You don't have a weapon right I have nothing all right wait what punch them you think we were in the wrong order maybe we should go to one of the other areas okay let's just go back all right this is not working at all okay we'll try to go let's go right first I think we should go in order let's see if there was a specific order it's prom oh there's swords over here on the ground it was cuz we went through the forest here take these quick oh he's eating me.

Wait you got this now all right come here my friend you give us a little hug. All right no he looks fine he's just like okay all right I'm going to finish as gonna finish him off he's dead all right so we drop nothing wait the trees are moving do you get anything no I don't think they're moving actually I'm just going delirious so did you oh yeah I did I got a pink heart gum job oh good okay I thought we got nothing's I didn't see anything drop okay so how many you think we need alright so I think the hopper had five in it right oh okay let's just kill them all all right so we need to tack slowly I believe in this version so I'm trying really hard to do that oh I got one oh good job okay let me try to get the next one I got another one and I'll kill the last one I've got two of them and then we will have what if we just attack the gumdrops we can attack the gumdrops okay so we've always lived near Candyland I guess so you've been here alright guys so basically we've got the first thing that we need for the machine to hopefully turn the world back to 3d but I don't really think I watch so I kind of like Judy no I don't like it at all but why cuz there's no knife no there's life everything looks dead look at the horses awesome can I ride I can't ride it probably don't fit on it go to the unicorn village next okay yeah we'll go to unicorn village that we'll go to the pink cave of slime leanness okay the tree looks fake they don't even look real no these are these are actual real trees yeah they are these are real tree alright good luck with that I'm heading.

To the area oh my god really love the.

Next area look at the unicorns okay let's talk to this man look at all the little houses with my face on it cuz you took a unicorn horn you killed one oh god I'm in jail oh my. God yet in jails what are the slime monsters he's here too oh how do you get out of jail wait I don't know how do I get out of jail um oh we have to kill him oh no I know. Can you save me I'm in jail what did you do did you kill a unicorn um I I must have walked next to one or something like that there should be a big building oh I see the one okay brick there's like a a police officer one okay okay how do we get out all right you were supposed to save me I'm just throwing that out there I we're stuck in here I think what we're supposed to probably do is her probably was a throw something on to this oh oh I got it okay okay let's just get out of here okay so what do we be careful cuz there's like a police officer at unicorn hello here is the syrup welcome to the unicorn village the unicorns do not take kindly to strangers I was told not to move an inch if you get caught you might be thrown in prison we don't want any trouble we just need another pouch of unicorn dust well six unicorn dust thrown onto the floor with an empty bag should get you a pouch a beautiful dust good luck exploring the village okay thank you sir wait so do we have to kill the unicorns I don't know oh the police officer one is right there which was the police officer why there she has like a a badge oh oh and I buzz she's wearing a little outfit you know what I wanna do I wanna get caught again and she hasn't iPads - I think I'm thinking that we could talk to the gumdrop guy oh oh wait he gives us these cool like gun thingies like these lollipops and if we give him unicorn dust I mean if we give him kind candy he'll give us unicorn - wait how do we get cotton candy okay so that's what we're gonna have to figure out I'm just good oh he gives us these so that we can throw them onto this thing that's kind of like the goal over here I'm gonna kill unicorn and see what happens I literally spawned right on top of the police lady wait you can't kill the unicorns alright so let's go back yet okay watch out for her watch out the suti said again alright oh it's all about the moving edge okay okay well six you know hunter doesn't see how to get it though right we can't kill the unicorn alright so we just need to find it maybe yeah maybe it's around here somewhere when the house is before one of them's open oh we could give way to our house. Our flat house oh maybe oh my god alright there's a flat chest in here you coming in oh look at the nice pink chandelier wait okay oh you could open it and those unicorn dust in it by right-click here oh my god this is amazing how much did.

You get from that alright so if that one the second one I believe it was locked so check this one I'm gonna rock was on this side okay this was locked as well maybe this one Oh Jett I'm inside and this room looks amazing I found two chests in this house oh there's bunnies I found like a little area with puppies I think I found the pet store oh that's cute okay so I got one more wait the bunnies are trying to eat me wait they uh oh those are puppies oh it's the stupid wolves I need to kill them oh oh he's the one of the chestnut cotton candy the other one has unicorn does okay perfect all right I need to figure out how to actually get into this too crazy the wolves yet hey where's the pet shop all right you need to come teleport to me right now because I can't even do it on my own okay all right I'm gonna distract the wolves you need to jump in and get the dust okay go okay we.

Got it everything's cool wait so they have bonsai trees doll houses and kid you want a nice place I love this all right so we've got this like can we just take this I don't think so so toss me over the stuff you have so far okay one candy and two unicorn dust so we've got that means the four in total how much more do we need all right so we need two more well maybe we could go to the hospital over here oh let me try this house first okay that was locked okay the hospital is it open wait so we could go in this hello sir hello furious destroyed welcome to the unicorn Hospital take a seat the wait is about two hours two hours we sit oh my god we get said all.

Right oh wait I guess are we supposed to wait I guess we're waiting for two hours like I don't know if we're supposed to wait or like love comes you say are we supposed to wait it out I feel like we have to like he said that we could because there's nothing else to do right I didn't check the building to the other side unless you check them all I checked them all we okay so we can you just wait it oh it opened oh okay did I do that no I didn't do that way I'm gonna go in the lost it down - there's chests in here oh it's got a beautiful dog oh yeah there's unicorn dust grab that alright okay bag I already had an empty bag so I grabbed it from the thing originally alright let's look in the other rooms alright so let me grab this so we've got five into now and we have the bag which means there's only one more dust that we need or we need cotton candy or whatever was okay look sit down can you lay on this.

If you right-click it good wait it said hello to me the person this is a purse the best hello I bet luck oh I found in the corners yeah I got it good I bet love comes didn't expect me to right-click on the thing there's nothing I think we got. Everything we needed from here all right we've got everything guys this is awesome all right okay I don't know I kind of just got oh look at there's the evil monster here no he's the one we have to trade with oh okay okay so let me make the trade and he will give me the sixth one and they said we throw six on the ground with the bag and boom I've got it look yes good job bag of unicorn dust now we need to get out of here so okay I will oh there we go perfect so you know we need to see them I hate that Unicorn all right you know what we need to see them oh there was no building stuff was there in the gumdrop land because I'm definitely not alright are you sure that was done positive there was none there's a building right there wait there is no I'm just kidding I can't even see it yeah I was making sure because now that I know that all the buildings are like well not all of them are functional most of them are functional we have to go in our house wait it makes sense if no I'm gonna say it makes sense we have to go in our house because we have to get back to the room but there actually is that little way down we could go yeah we'll see if we can maybe we can't even get in the house though oh I'm really hoping we can't I'm going to it right now oh okay I haven't seen you in a while where are you wait oh I thought we had to do something here wait where are you at the unicorn please we are we done yeah he's finished oh alright I'm in front of my house and. I'm at the doors should I try to go in or should I wait for you no wait for me I'm almost there okay I'm just trying to avoid the evil wolves so we do have a door right here I'm thinking if we walk into that door it's gonna let us into the house in the whole house is gonna be 2d okay let's see let's go right now okay they're ready hi many IDI.

Okay I'm sick in it wait wait I'm gonna. Try to get in the garage we're gonna break your way all right so it looks like we need to go to the pink Caleb's liveliness the last place okay so we can follow the path because remember last time we actually missed something important because we didn't follow exactly so we've got what we need we have all kinds of useful stuff at this point so you have you have three pink hearts of gum drops on you right oh can you pass those over so I have everything no no give everything to me okay take those take that and then look there's the cave let's go inside let's go warbling okay let's go we how do we get. It oh I'm in what did you do to my cave.

Fairies are we what happened to my body Jen's machine may have turned the world to e instead of turning the world pink we are going to fix it we need another pink magic stone yikes oh and watch out.

For the pink creepy crawlies everywhere also don't forget to grab an empty bucket from me oh okay all right empty bucket no problem I grabbed that empty bucket so we need pink slime all you do is make it to the back of the nice caves okay wait a second these are two ways to go um it looks that way should we split up do you think one of us needs to go one way in the other the other way probably to the exact same place to be honest I'm gonna race you to that okay goodbye I think I got through some BJ okay oh god I see you're getting closer to me who's there oh no oh oh who must pass the other one out now that's where I came from who is it I thought you came from this.

Over here this left turn oh wait where are we supposed to go again sir um he said watch out for the creepy crawlies and get something from the back of the cave right there's nothing here is there some kind of water or something around I don't see creepy crawlies and I don't see any I don't see anything are we sure that's the way you came from definitely I don't think it is I'm going this way okay I'm gonna find out right now I think you took a wrong turn somewhere. All right that's what they all say all right okay let's go oh there's two other ways to go on the other side oh okay I bet you that they're gonna connect this time in a pink creepy crawly thingy oh I see them they look really weird a little pink wrath oh my god I actually like the movie but there's nothing on this side it's a dead end this is the right way oh they're biting mail I'm teleporting right now I see the drinking water oh I have the bucket okay I have the bucket - huh oh I got it I got it Jackie just run back now do we eat them eat these things oh I killed one I'm out eating anything I'm just some you know tell me if it's really good though why I'm lost where do I go from here wait how you lost I get back it's like right next to where you're standing for a little bit right here okay get up yeah there's so many rats after Jen all right so we go up this way and boom easy right no don't show me bro oh god they're.

Chasing the rats are eating you quick.

Hurry Oh God yeah sorry all right we got.

Everything we need let's all head back to our friend bartholomae over here let's talk to him okay so if you give him this he will give us the pink magic stone okay perfect I got it all right then we go over here oh oh that should be everything let's go load every into the machine and pull the levers again we got this we know what we need to do but I like this world though so I'm kind of like I don't I don't want to do it we have to do it I don't want to do it it's gonna be pink and beautiful no I think it's just gonna turn the world back because we needed the same items oh the restaurant pink anymore Jen you obsessed with your idea you're mad sighs good work it's not easy what to believe we're not even sure what if it's 2d and pink is that okay yeah that'd be cool all right that's fine okay so I think we just go down this hole again okay let's try that I'm so sure I could go where to this house all right so I think I have everything all right okay I'm coming I have an extra all you know pink magics don't wait for me though away from me okay I don't want to miss out on this it's gonna be fun all right so you know what to do you have to take out the old stuff right okay so I'm gonna take out the burnt pink magic stone and put the good one in all right yeah get all the good beautiful ones in the areas okay then I'll put the hard gumdrops in here I'll clear these out all right let me fix them get them like that are in then in here I must put the bag of unicorn dust and then I think we just hit the levers again right yes those never hit the other lever on the right hit the buy in here we go okay okay because how cool looks in there oh you should have went ahead I think it looked everything should be back to normal oh wait if we were in there would we have turned but if turn to D because now would have been pretty cool all right let's see told the world it's not pink it's gonna be in the closet again remember now the world is back to like 3d we should be their closet not outside oh Sh I'm pretty sure it's pink no it's not you have a lot of clothes no.

And we have saved the world I'm gonna continue to work on it next time the world will be paid are you sure yes cuz you didn't do a good job I just got I just gotta say I gotta be honest with you I'm here have this thank you there's a burnout we go outside and see if those areas are still there oh wait that's actually a cool idea let's go we jump brother yeah I just jumped out the window you really jumped out the window I got excited I just jumped out the window I really don't think they're here to be honest with you but I'm going to fly to find out yeah there was a lot different.

Now they're gone jet no we should have kept it it was so much cooler they're all gone they're not here it's very sad imagine if I found them I'm looking to see if I hit him you put there's somewhere Jack wait I think I found the 2d world oh no I found the house is this where he hid all because he needs to have the actual house is somewhere so what are we got inside them there they are and look there's the 2d world that's actually really cool but dude I hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely smash that subscribe but I'm gonna go live in this world you can live in that one wait I'm teleporting you can live there do we live here now there's so much cooler oh I'm gonna go live in one of the pink doll houses all right I said a dollhouse it said that a unicorn village yeah yeah I did remember in the pet store oh alright alright anyways hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely smash that subscribe button also smash that like button as well I am arrested by creative now I love you dudes have it everyday and we'll see you next time you guys.


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