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I FOUND Granny Horror in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Granny Horror Mobile in Minecraft?!

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Oh no you see me there's a dead person.

In here oh I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead no.

What's going on guys rage elixir here welcome back to another minecraft video guys I have no time to be doing an intro right now because I literally just woke up and hopped on Minecraft to see if you know I could come up with some video ideas and what the heck guys this map just showed out of nowhere it was called granny literally just granny out of nowhere and I got curious guys so I I turned on all my cameras all my recording stuff and Here I am guys I don't know what I'm doing right now but if you guys don't remember I play granny horror on my phone on Friday the 13th and if I think this is what it is this is gonna be one heck of a ride I'm kind of scared guys I'm literally scared right now that means if I make any sounds inside of the game something is going to pop up I don't know why like I have no idea guys I'm not lying to you guys this Baptist showed out of nowhere okay I just opened up minecraft I saw this in my map selection and I was like no way I have to record this I have to record this I just I just entered the map and this is what I see so I don't know guys so if I make any sounds he's gonna hear me or whatever that thing is gonna be granny apparently so if I open this chest okay so this right here must be like the closet that I'm hiding in so what if I open this chest okay so there's no my god oh my god go go go.

It literally says granny what does it look like Oh guys.

Oh dude it heard me shoot I shouldn't.

Have done that I shouldn't have done that oh okay okay it's leaving it's leaving.

What is that sound I hear something on my right as well oh my gosh oh my gosh where am I supposed to hide guys what the heck I think I'm stuck I think I'm trapped in here wait okay I think I should be good he only heard the other door hopefully there's a trap door right here what is this supposed to be it might be an escape route oh I know you is coming.

This way guys I don't know what I got myself into I could literally just exit Minecraft right now oh oh is it not.

Coming in let's try this room I need to.

Find a way out because apparently in real in real granny you need to find like a key or something like that did it see me oh it didn't see me it didn't see me oh my gosh I gotta be quick guys I gotta be quick I gotta hide in here Oh.

What is this a tranquilizer if I see.

Granny I'm gonna shoot it Oh what did I miss holy crap am I.

Missing holy crap I can't hit him oh my gosh guys what do i do what do i do is. It coming down it was not effective guys. It doesn't work oh no did you see me oh.

Yeah there's a dead person in here hopefully I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead oh no holy crap we need to find a way.

Out guys we need a key to this door guys there's like no way of getting out like I can't get out whatsoever what's. In here I can't even open these chests right here guys granny is all the way over there so I don't know if it will even have time to get here by the time I find the keys I feel like I'm gonna be able to find the keys without him finding me I gotta hurry guys I have to hurry I don't think I've been here yet oh my gosh granny is like literally right there oh wait is it go oh it's coming downstairs I might be able to loop around I might be able to loop around it's going the other way okay we might be able to go this way oh there's a little closet right here as well I can hide right here oh okay okay oh she's right there she's right there.

There's another door on the other side as well I might be able to go there okay what's this what's this oh another secret room she's coming back I swear oh.

Wait wait wait wait please please she doesn't see me she doesn't see me oh the crab guys did you guys see that this is.

Actually freaking me out guys what the heck is going on where is granny okay I might be able to go down from here oh my gosh okay close the door close the door where is she where she okay I think I'm safe I think I'm safe for the most part. She coming down what's in here what oh.

My gosh guys it's right behind me it's right behind me oh my goodness leave me alone leave me no not here again stop dude I keep getting stuck there every single time way I think I saw like a trapdoor or something I should crap I should have went in there maybe maybe that's where the key is crap guys crap we got a hurry we haven't gone to this door I don't think oh there's an upstairs whoa we what there's.

A dead person right here oh I might be able to drop stuff down here okay I'm gonna drop stuff down here so maybe he'll hear this things drop oh my god he's already right here what the heck what the heck guys I need to loop around he already found me granny relax okay.

I don't want to make her mad oh my goodness guys oh my god I hide right here leave me alone leave me alone leave.

Me alone leave me alone I need to like trap granny down here somehow uh I really did not want to keep holding that skeleton in my head oh my gosh there's nothing up here oh there's a little trapdoor right here that we can wait how do I get over there crap there's like stuff over there oh my god she's coming she's coming Oh oh my gosh okay I think I'm safe I think I'm safe guys I think I'm safe I need to find the key to get out guys I need to find the key to get out I'm already two days down I think I need I only have like five days to survive grab guys this granny is just trailing me every single time yeah this is what I'm talking about there's a trapdoor right here wait this seems like some private room or like some secret Hall wait so were you right here granny grannys already right here guys okay she left she left okay what's in here Oh lever wait this might be the way to get out. I don't think she sees me she's leaving.

Okay now the goal is to get to the door before she finds me hopefully she didn't hear that way what's down here I haven't been down here as well oh I have been down here okay hopefully granny oh oh.

Wait I didn't mean to place that hell.

Oh she might be coming down if she comes.

Down I can probably Juke her out and go the other way I can probably go my gosh.

I need to go I need to go guys guys I need to leave I do leave okay I'm done I'm down I'm down okay okay I'm leaving I'm leaving I'm leaving oh my gosh I think I was able to get out I think I'm out of granny's house gasps I think I might've Granny's house I just escaped guys I just I'm leaving this map I'm leaving I'm leaving I'm leaving what the heck guys we were just playing on the granny map in Minecraft I didn't download it guys when I hopped on this world when I hopped on Minecraft I saw this world and I was like wait I didn't download this last night I didn't download it at all and I was like I need to record this so I turned on all my recording setup my camera everything so you guys could see this hopefully you guys did enjoy this video if you guys think I should go back into that map and check it out check out what's underneath that mask let me know in the comment section down below go down below smash that like button and subscribe to my channel if you guys haven't already anyways guys thank you so much for watching this video my name is rage elixir see you all in the next video

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