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As you all know I'm terrified of scary things I don't know why but granny scares the living fire out of me arse my grandma I used to say the living dog out of me I don't know what my grandma said that so I decided today we are gonna face our fears within Minecraft and play the granny man this map has actually been out for quite some time but he's been constantly updating it and I've just been terrified to play it I have no idea what I'm about to get myself into all I know is I'm scared so can you please leave a like down below and subscribe to my channel so I can be a little bit less afraid okay thank you so much all right ladies you remember without further ado let's face our fears and get to this granny map I just get a bad feeling about this oh I've already oh I hate this I'm making sure I've got the resource pack on yep I've got the resource pack on oh it's already scary Oh what does this. Mean oh I don't like this no no no no.

Nona hey oh man where am I and where is. Granny and I don't even know if the map has even started yet ladies and gentleman okay let's just get out of this place okay oh oh I just got shivers.

Everywhere oh I do not get out of here I. Just beat it oh my gosh there's blood on the bat this is terrifying or even in the map yet is it started yet okay I've got eyes of Enders okay I don't even think the map started yet what does this mean I don't know but I have three eyes of ender and I'm pretty sure we haven't even started the map yet what is this why oh my gosh dude these sounds are too intense stop stop.

Oh God.

Ha granny stop a granny granny I don't know if you can hear this right now but you stop granny boom no no Oh who's that who's there.

Who's there oh okay it's just a spawner.

It's just a spawner I am B I'm freaked.

Out but right now like I'm actually freaked out I don't even know how to start the map yet and I'm for all I didn't even see this oh I don't want to be here right now oh my goodness no I don't want to play hide and seek Oh tell me okay Oh what was that sound oh stop stop stop stop it stop right now silverfish I'm not having IM not having we're not even in the map yet i'm ready not having any of this what does this button do oh there's two of them okay probably don't anything okay but the eye of ender n but the eye of ender in and there we go oh my gosh.

Oh No okay what is this where am i oh.

This is just terrified oh my god whoa.

You know what's the worst thing right now is like in Texas it's like raining currently I'm her I'm her I have to turn the sounds down because I'm so scared okay oh my gosh. I hate scary thing Oh what is that.

No No.

I don't feel comfortable anymore playing this game I'm gonna be honest with you guys oh no no no no okay we're in.

Granny's house what happens now why is this blood what is this true is that granny okay I think that's granny um wait play again oh my gosh dude I'm.

Not ready for this like I'm not oh why is oh my gosh there's different settings okay I don't even know how to do okay. We're gonna restore defaults and we're gonna go easy mode because I am very scared five days only that's fine oh my god what is that oh my gosh oh I have a.

Thing with scary games guys like I just can't how do I hide under the bed oh I'm so dead I'm terrified oh I have such a.

Problem I have such a prize so I played granny the mobile version oh if you guys saw it on the channel but I was terrified and it's on a screen this big what happens.

Okay am I good to leave I'm just I'm just going out what was that how did I.

Die how did I die I don't even know how I did how did I dead where did she come from oh my gosh dude.

This is terrible oh where am I.

Shh quiet granny what is that what is.

That oh how do I get in here.

How do I get in here um oh my gosh where.

Am i I'm dead I'm dead oh oh oh special key okay.

No idea what this does no I don't how do.

I know if she's close by how do I know I don't I died I did it I don't even know what I'm doing right now oh oh oh.

Scared no you're doing granny Shh no you.

Don't know well how big is this house.

There's a car down here it's like infinite I don't even know what to do I don't even know what to do I'm scared I just want to go home I don't want to be here anymore oh dude enough none nah no I don't want to come out of this I want to stay in this door forever if I get to stay here ideally throughout the entire map you guys can't see it obviously because my camera's not insanely good quality but I've got goosebumps all across my forearm that's really embarrassing for a guy who's 24 years old playing a game that is in Minecraft do the sounds are so realistic and creepy all right I don't know where to go I'm gonna die I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead hello granny just come on out whoo no no okay that's not as scary as I.

Thought it was okay oh my gosh no just. No I really just don't a pretty see the fact that I'm spawned into this like I'm just spawned into this horrifyingly terrifying face staring at me it's just not cool man nothing about this map though to be honest is cool I've already got shivers and I've been in the map for 30 seconds let's go guys stop dude whoever made this map I'm just oh my gosh stop it right now whoever made this map I want to say you're too good you're you're you're too good oh. That's not okay.

In what world is that okay somebody tell me right now that jump-scare was so unnecessary like I'm already terrified as it is okay and then you do this math crater like I just want to let you know right now I hate you I hate you okay there's granny what do we do so if granny's there what happens can granny see us okay granny can most certainly see us but create I don't think granny can get to us so ha granny you smell bad see you granny. Oh she coming hey stop granny you're not.

As scary as I thought you were okay you're scary never mind I don't know why I walked up that close I have like a brain massage going right now because I just got so terrified from that jump scare by the way new pink merchandise out on Preston Stiles right now what do you guys think like we're giving away some of the profits from our shirt to the national brands Cancer Foundation dice a brand's cancer breast cancer foundation for a good cause guys grab yourself some new lit fire merch support the cause help us out okay why don't we go to a new place like I haven't really gone into kids we're gonna leave that door shut I feel like I have accomplished literally nothing so far Oh Oh find the weapons cabinet I know where that is guys the weapons cabinet is this way hey Shh be quiet granny you.

Ain't gonna find me Oh granny oh this is the weapons cabinet Oh oh yeah oh yeah baby Oh who's that who's there who's there. Who's there no stop it step stop it granny granny I am going to.

Shoot you with a crossbow no I don't want to play hide and seek hi-yah that's it I just shot granny it says it as infinity okay the game lied to me that's not cool that's not cool no that's not cool um all right let's just go inside here and let's just say here so I've got I can't jump I don't know if you guys know but in the granny game apparently you're not able to jump what does that sound hey what is that what Oh Jude there's gonna be a jump scare oh thank god there's no jump scare I'm terrified yep I'm officially terrified I'm not afraid to say it I am scared okay real men admit when they're scared all right we got to be in touch with our feelings guys so granny is still there I'm going to leave granny she can stay there for all I care chicken rot all right granny I'm gonna be real with you you look like a dude you look like a dude oh oh my gosh stop I hate the fact that she could just teleport behind us and do whatever she wants okay dude you the last day I like. How we're already on the last day and I feel like I have not accomplished anything with my life I gotta say I'm really embarrassed okay don't be embarrassed Preston happens to the best of us you know we haven't really searched up here god that creaking sound.

Effect dudes I get it haunts my nightmares I'm gonna have nightmares tonight oh no I'm now where granny do them new.

It did did you YouTube stay away from me okay why cheat me through a door that is.

Such BS that is BS and you know it oh great what's happening oh no no no no.

It's happening oh that's just scary that's just scary.

Game over granny has chopped your head that's just great thanks granny oh okay can we get back to the game yeah I want to play again um no no none in it nope I am NOT playing this part again wait I can't even go in creative okay you know what fine fine fine yeah I know.

What happens I know there's a jump-scare coming up I'm not scared gosh dang it I'm scared hi there's a dog here coming wait boy it's got me close your eyes close your ears oh my gosh oh my gosh there it was okay not as scared this time around not as scared why do I have to come back over here again like I hate that I have to do this twice this is just this no no man should have to do what I have to do now all right turn off music set brightness to low and finally enjoy I'm not setting my brightness to low are you kidding me no that is not happening okay.

But I will turn off my music music Czerny off so good I don't want to set my brightness too low to eat if I set my brightness too low oh yeah this is how you get terrified no no no this is how you get nightmares I am NOT having nightmares I've already had nightmares I don't want more nightmares we're gonna restore defaults we're gonna go back to easy mode because I wasn't even able to do it beforehand um can I make granny slower like I actually legitimately want to make granny and let's make granny a little bit slower because she's I think she's a little bit fast I'm also gonna you know just change the sounds a little bit I'm a little bit too scared as it is ready with the sounds wait what I didn't even get to play the game yet and I just got my head chopped off that is not fair granny that's not fair yeah it start the game okay there we go. What okay now granny is stuck in an endless loop of just killing me over and over again what the heck is going on here granny okay thing I've gotten granny not to glitch out on us I think she was mad because I was trying to go into game mode earlier but can you really blame me can you no you can't okay and I am just as. Scared this time around as it was last time okay so now I've got the weapons key which I don't really know why we want to weapons key because the weapons didn't do anything to the old granny and why do I have more goosebumps than I did previously like I should not have this much goop oh no I don't want to play.

Hide and seek I've already told you that seven hundred thousand times okay I don't want to play your games I want to play my games I want to go play Minecraft uh I wanna go play regular by graft it's scary here regular minecraft it's better you play minecraft you know just have a great time with great people and here this is this isn't great oh is that granny no you don't stop. Lying to me stop stop it stop it Oh what is this what is this I got a book I failed oh my gosh where does it say hold on this is my fifth day in the house she chases me wherever I go I'm quite injured in my body hurts the only thing I remember before I woke up in his house is that I was driving when my car suddenly went down I went out to see what the problem was someone suddenly hits me on the head I've managed to open a pair of locks on the front door but that's all why does she do this I have no one will experience the same thing as I do if I do not survive this and if someone finds this message I haven't noticed that she sometimes hides things inside fruits Anthony Anthony you were a legend and you will be missed my dude I will carry on your legacy we will get to the bottom of this okay Anthony Anthony I am now very scared.

Okay I've got an iron pickaxe oh I love God but right now guys I am terrified.

All right we're outside we're doing good we're doing good I think we're doing good oh my god I'm stuck in the cobweb oh oh.

Oh my gosh granny's right there guys you.

Are a bad bro what through the window I literally just got smacked through the window I can't be getting smacked through the window dyrdek are you kidding me wait where's all my items no no oh my gosh how did she find.

Me I literally had like two seconds I've even got to do anything yet I didn't gonna cut the door I haven't got to do anything all I've gotten to do is shock my body over and over again going into goosebump mode like literally every single time I I think I'm doing something right granny comes by and then just just BAM so whacks me and I'm done what is this place oh my gosh are you kidding me I just died again you couldn't possibly see the goose buns that I have right now I mean maybe you can with some extra zoom ins but we're gonna need a lot of extra zoom ins for you guys to see that okay well good to know that drops and you die you know very very helpful what the heck is that nope not going down there I'm pretty happy with where I am today uh-oh I can't go in there okay do I get here how the heck do I get here I'm scared is there something in here oh maybe there wasn't okay so if we drop down here we instantaneously die I'm not able to get inside here but I can see something very terrifying on the other side so I don't even know if I want to go there what about here do I want to go here oh oh this just drops us back down okay don't think I wanted to go here to be honest no no no no no no okay okay well.

There's another book we're gonna read this book JK we can't read the book what do you mean you can't even read the book guys how am I supposed to know what to do now oh okay great.

No oh my gosh dude I don't understand.

How to play this game I'm done I'm done bring me to the last day I don't want to play anymore I haven't even managed to touch the front door I'm just so scared like honestly I'm terrified the game is made too well alright if this game was just a little bit worse I want to have this problem oh no you down.

You dirty woman okay I need cutting.

Pliers I have them Oh what did you what did I just do okay.

So can break buttons Oh what is that.

What is that what is that stop stop I've.

Stuck no no okay okay we're going down.

In the basement she's not in here Oh. Dudes we need to find out how to get the heck out of here this place has been way too dangerous guys scary and dangerous beyond all belief I don't even know if there was actually anything out here oh there's all my stuff it did drop on the ground I knew it okay the unfortunate thing is I don't think we can do anything with this I'm for somewhere okay find the weapons cabinet which we've already found so this goes some way we've got the crossbow I don't know how to use this special key bill I got hold it that made.

Sound I don't think that was a good thing what is this okay that's a tripwire we're gonna go around it now.

Okay I can't open this dang it. I need to find out what what what is the point of being here oh shoot him back in the house Oh.

Like where did she come from and how does she know yep I'm done you know what guys I am not touching granny ever again okay I can't say ever again because I'm very competitive and even though I'm terrified out of my mind right now I really want to beat this man if you guys wanna see me play this again leave a like down below subscribe to the channel and I will play the map again although I gotta like I can't do it for like at least another week because I'm terrified of these kinds of scary games which is really weird because scary movies I'm not scared of scary games terrified absolutely terrified I feel like it's because I feel like I'm actually there in the game okay we're gonna take a break ladies and gentlemen thank you for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it it did hit that like button down below subscribe and you know we'll play some more granny in the future but I'm out for now I gotta take a break thank you for watching guys and gals and I'll see you next time peace out everybody

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