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REALISTIC MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE! - Minecraft IRL Animations / In Real Life Minecraft Animations

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Minecraft in Real Life

Realistic Minecraft In Real Life.

Minecraft IRL Animations

In Real Life Minecraft Animations

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Realistic Minecraft by LowLevelNoob | Realistic Minecraft


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Oh sorry.

They keep on going okay let's go where.

Is the toilet with this good freaking banana is this.

Who could it be ah I yes I think it's the pizza I yes I.

Order a pizza.

Huh hello anybody here hello hey hello.

Hey you're gonna be it's a pizza he needs to be yes I order pizza he gave it to me look at this pizza show it this is a bit.

Strange pizza let me try whoa whoa Wow.

It's very good oh nice nice.

Hey hey dude it was very good the pizza can i order something more please I want a hamburger coca-cola and hot dog.

Is that possible oh nice nice hahaha okay see ya I think.

He's here hello here here are you hello.

Hey okay where's my food there is your food. Hey where come on yeah he's hot thought dude what is laser.

And here is a coca-cola huh are you. Kidding me what is this okay that's right so good.

Oh yes oh let me try the hot dog.

How very good okay yes okay let's try.

The coca-cola okay dude you say I can.

Order everything okay I want a Ferrari.

On my boat is here my boat look wow so.

Nice here is your house okay your house.

Is here come look okay oh whoa my house.

Who what this Pizza guys so cool like.

Order so many things what is this oh go.

Away Chloe okay I pay you tomorrow okay I.

Promise tomorrow okay come back tomorrow please tomorrow okay tomorrow go away.

Okay what see you tomorrow okay oh no oh.

No did the pizza guy okay I pay tomorrow.

Okay no today yesterday you say tomorrow today yes I want some on a now okay I.

Give you today evening is okay know what was.

This oh please don't tell me no no no no.

No no no no no what have you do what.

This guy's crazy Oh oh man what I do now is here away.

What is this oh wait wait no no no no no.

No no no please no no please stop it I.

Give you the money okay destroy my house please this guy is.

Crazy please Oh I run away this guy is psycho I hope he is away run.

Away come on I hate here down stair oh.

Oh oh I hope he's now away he cannot.

Find me here.

Subscribe please. Nice nice I'm invited to the talent show yeah I'm so excited and you what are you.

Okay go man go have fun go you're next what are you doing fingers crossed come.

On let's start everybody don't know doo. Doo doo doo doo doo everybody dance now.

Wow nice you're so good if you don't win I don't know man Wow disgusting lon why strange.

Next you're a next go go go.

I'm gonna sing a song okay.

Get out of my face now.

Why come on what's up what the heck are.


Yes Wow well he can fly.

You are Aki go away.

Oh oh no poor hotdog I wanna eat you.

Oh no I'm a next oh oh oh okay let's do.

This okay let's do this.

Show us your talent please okay I tell a.

Joke yes there there is a chair at the.

Chair he's a wall King the chair is the walking with four shoes on the street ella ella ella ella ella the chair he saw walking it on the street Allah Allah.


Wow that was so incredible war they like.

Yes cool yes nice nice okay I'm on the.

Recall now yeah yes ah I am so happy.

Here nice thank you very much oh okay yeah.

Let's go home bye okay.


What is this.

Here is some food nice steaks.

I should probably gonna do some barbecue tonight I guess what I'm gonna need now is oh nice but what happens if I oh.

Sorry whoa okay okay and stop now I suppose okay but you you want some more no no no I'm okay okay bye this is weird I have to kill him come on come come on don't run away come here yeah where are you hey oh here.

Come come on run away all evidences are.

Gone okay strange Chuck let's go home oh.

This tree scan is he starving me I have to clean it okay let's do it oh man the cow was so weird.

I hope I see him never again nice so.

Let's build a shelter it's probably gonna be dark soon and that's freaking dangerous its life no protection around.

There so we are almost finished and this.

Is the last piece whoa whoa okay I can't see it's so dark what is going on okay.

Okay what's that what's that okay okay nothing and the wall okay okay Wow okay Wow what the heck was that. Okay I'm gonna make some light men what.

Was that oh no no my home is gone oh.

Look at that look at that mess what is this what why.

Oh man okay bye bye I guess I have to.

Play hmm call of duty thank you and.

Thanks to you whoa whoa it's getting.

Dark now let's make a bet mm-hmm and head over my. Lovely building which was destroyed by a creep anyway so tired now.

Let's take a little nap with some custom sounds yeah check this out yeah okay.

So I'm ready whoa whoa whoa where am I.

Whoa okay okay okay Oh what the heck.

What was that what is this place how did.

I get in here oh there's a crate nice.

Nice I've got my new port back yeah by.

The way what's inside here oh how cute. Little rom be sorry I have to kill you what a joke and what's inside this door again a little zombie what's that whoa a giant zombie ho let's get out of here hmm this is so strange where I have.

To go let's check this room again are you serious oh it's just here right before and it was.

Oh well that's so dizzy. What is this hat and two strange noise over there well rainbow party move sheep move get.

Out of my way come on come on please move whoa why is he climbing that's not possible never mind let's go up there and see what comes next is this mr. freedom over there no it isn't it is whoa let's get out of here okay how can I open it oh there's a lever whoa let again zombies.

Not again Oh what was that no no no no oh no they're coming why are moving so.

Slowly what is this come on.

I hope there's an exit over there what a.

Coward whoa whoa stop stop cow cow please stop whoa why.

Whoa this was just dream oh man that was.

So sick

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