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EMF Protection: Radio Frequency Shielding Fabric Swiss Shield

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This short video will show you how easy it is to use radio frequency (microwave) shielding fabric to block almost 100% of RF radiation from coming into your home or office when it is installed properly. Made of nontoxic cotton with silver and copper fibers inside of the outer cotton material, this fabric will block approximately 99.99% of RF. You can purchase this material here: http://stores.ebay.com/Healthy-Joyful-... However, please be aware, this fabric needs to be installed correctly and you must not use wireless devices inside the home or office it is installed in because they will reflect off of it.

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Hello friends Neil here EMF safety zone channel I'm going to make a short video here and I'm going to show you the effectiveness of radiofrequency blocking fabric and what you see here hanging along this entire wall of my office well right now I have it propped up so I can do this video and show you a before and after effect but basically this radiofrequency shielding fabric covers the entire wall of my office when I let it hang down and what the reason is is as you can see I have a neighbor about 30 feet or 40 feet across the way here and I will show you with the acoustic.

Air see if I can get some light on the subject.

But what he has across the way here is a. Wireless internet which I can here the digital signature on the acoustic Andy as a cordless phone which is a very staticky sound now this isn't a very high reading and most people wouldn't consider it dangerous but I don't feel like being exposed to this all day long while I'm working in my office.

All right no I don't have enough hands here so I'm going to look the fabric down and I'll show you the before and after results here so as you can see I've let the fabric down it covers the.

Entire wall and there's my modem right there except I have the wireless option disabled you can see this goes up covers goes wall-to-wall and again here's the acoustic volumes turned almost all the way up.

And I have probably about 99% what's. Called attenuation or shielding.

Now I don't have enough hands do this I'm going to put the meter underneath. The fabric here alright and you can see.

Without using the fabric.

The readings jump up pretty high there.

And now watch so this is why I really.

Like the effectiveness of the Swiss Shield radio frequency blocking fabric it attenuates or blocks radio frequency at about 99.9% up to a 10 gigahertz.

Alright and what this material is made out of is a non-toxic cotton with silver. And copper fibers I usually don't put in.

A pitch for myself because I'm not trying to sell products I'm trying to educate but I do sell various lengths of Swiss Shield radio frequency blocking fabric on eBay making it very easy for people to get 6 feet 8 feet 10 foot up to 16 foot lengths alright so once again.

Just to make this very simple let me show you the before and after here so I have the radiofrequency shielding fabric propped up here and you can see my exposure levels.

To the neighbor right here now watch this as I lift it up and put it behind the fabric you can see it almost stops what stops there now watch.

Watch when I move the meter back to the exposed window without the fabric.

That should be pretty clear right there so here I am in my bedroom and here I've had to cover this entire wall and then.

I've had to cover this entire wall with the radiofrequency blocking fabric and. You can see it's hanging from the ceiling all the way to the floor here.

And I did this in here because I have a neighbor across the way who has a wireless modem that was coming right through my bedroom at night and this hangs all the way down through the back of the bed goes down to the floor as you can see and it covers two walls and as soon as I hung this it blocked out 99% of the radiofrequency that was coming into my room now unfortunately this is a very expensive remediation this this material is a bit costly however if one. Lives in an apartment let's say in New York or an apartment or a condominium or a duplex anywhere and you have either a cell phone tower or you have neighbors with wireless devices and you know exactly where they're coming from and hopefully you would have a radio frequency meter so you can see a before and after you can use this type of shielding to protect yourself from exposure to radiofrequency radiation again it's a little expensive but at least we do have a potential fix for the exposure thanks for watching

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