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Minecraft JAIL BREAK S2E1 - I NEED $20,000...AGAIN

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Видео добавил: SSundee
Просмотров: 2431506
Minecraft JAIL BREAK S2E1 - I NEED $20,000...AGAIN

Want to play Jail Break??

Server IP:TitanMC.net

I DON'T KNOW WHAT SSUNDEE HAS DONE THIS TIME, BE HE IS BACK IN JAIL...AGAIN!! WHAT WILL HE HAVE TO DO THIS SEASON TO GET OUT?! Lol, Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! If you did be sure to leave a quick like! I appreciate it!

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Music Used

Insan3lik3 - Bad Pitched (Original Mix)

Artist Name: Insan3lik3

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-4Ny4URgf4

Album Download Link: http://bit.ly/MC005-iTunes

Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/MonstercatMedia


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Bowen Dooley (добавлен в 22:12 18.01.2015)

gg ssundee i hope to see you on the sever!

TeknoSquirrel (добавлен в 15:31 28.12.2014)

This whole comment section seems to be 10 or under xD wow cool kids said you were 13 to make a gmail bet you feel so accomplished x)

MathijsGamer (добавлен в 14:37 20.02.2015)

Haha that kid around 2:30: sundee wouldnt be in E4! Well, everyone has to start somewhere xD

kami brown (добавлен в 05:54 20.02.2015)

Hi ssunedee you are the fun men on eath violet

Emil EM (добавлен в 23:22 25.02.2015)

Like if you're watching this in 2015

Daperinstein Dapper (добавлен в 05:45 23.02.2015)

God SSundee it took you almost all the video to figure out that you can do the black lung and tim ber land guy quests a bunch and get 1000$ for every 3 iron basically

Halli Jaz (добавлен в 23:35 28.02.2015)

Note to self.. Do not increase speed runs

Chimcharfan1 (добавлен в 04:21 26.02.2015)

who else really misses this

Kate Villanueva (добавлен в 19:04 07.12.2014)

this was the single best mod review ive seen from anyone

rodrick pine (добавлен в 06:01 21.02.2015)

gg means good game

Gagh Chesty (добавлен в 09:40 19.02.2015)

Read the quest dont comfirm but still do it u welcome

zack white (добавлен в 19:20 01.03.2015)

I'm a big fan of prison but I have no pc :(

anjelo garcia (добавлен в 07:33 02.03.2015)

SSundee plz start jailbreak again i LLLOOOVVVEEE it

Lucas Dunn (добавлен в 01:54 12.12.2014)

i am in B

Tyler Morris (добавлен в 09:41 12.02.2015)

Stop slurring your fuckin' s's, holy hell thats annoying. I do like you as a youtuber, i think you're pretty good at it, but you need to stop. It gives me headaches :/

Israel Anderson (добавлен в 05:17 02.03.2015)

15 hundered Do u mean hundred

JJ Van (добавлен в 18:55 24.02.2015)

People cent giving you money that's half the reason you had 1200dollars

rj Davis (добавлен в 03:25 22.02.2015)

You could of got 60 iron smellt it then turn it in to pick a sold it at the mine deal for 1000 each then you would of have 20000

Faris Arthur (добавлен в 00:29 10.02.2015)

The reason you got to do it twice was because you didn't confirm it first time so when you're doing quest just give them what they want to confirm it first cuz that's how you're going to get all like the tone of money .

Victoria Crawford (добавлен в 23:59 02.12.2014)

SSunddee i need help i have minecraft cracked but i want to play on your server please make a cracked server :'(

Ashley Houston (добавлен в 01:42 26.02.2015)

Look at his face at 5:29 lol

Phil Owen (добавлен в 13:35 20.02.2015)

I moustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later

Jonathan Solomon (добавлен в 05:07 23.02.2015)

Crainer comed frame ward to c ward

Jackson Boone (добавлен в 04:47 20.02.2015)

I think you should do some funny music/dubstep for speed runs

Rat Dragon (добавлен в 18:01 21.02.2015)

I went to the smelters and a guy left 9 lion ,1 coal.

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